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Anyone love pull throughs?


I never tried pull throughs but was thinking of adding them in for a bit if people really like them. Are they much different then GMs or SLDLs? I do a few sets of conventional or sumo DLs then a few sets of GMs or SLDLs on mondays and squat on thursday. I was thinking of adding a few sets on my squat day.


I hate pull throughs. thats why i do them.


I want to learn how to do them. I tried what I thought was right, but it didn't feel right, as I felt like a jackass doing it.


I do them with the sled, I love 'em


Do them, they're great.


What kinda weights to you guys use? i have been playing around with PT's and find that by using a weight i can feel, usually ends up pulling me back. Obviously this could be prevented be using a sled, but i dont have one. have switched to SL deadlifts instead for the mo'


Hard to find a weight stack heavy enough; most only go up to 250lbs.


JWright: Just do a search for pull throughs and compare Tate's form with Davies' form and then do something similiar. I asked the question a bit ago as far as which was correct (as they are completely opposite) and got the response that both are fine. Yes, it does feel incredibly awkward at first. Just keep doing them and you'll find a stance/weight that works for you. Believe me, the ass will thank you for it.


You can rig a band onto the stack for added resistance.


Since you'll want to do high reps most of the time, using the stack and then some and using crappy form is going to get you nowhere. Lighten the load, lower it slowly, feel it, contract your hams, glutes, lower back, feel it burn, rep out, not burn out on sets of 5. It's not someting you'll be proud to max out on every week. It's an assistance exercise that will greatly imrpove your squats and deads and their variations. So, you won't necessarily feel it working while you're doing it and yes, you'll feel funny doing them and look like an idiot, but when you're finished, your entire posterior chain will be tired, loose and worked in. Do them for a few weeks and you'll notice the difference on your squats and deads. Don't max out on triples and singles and wonder what the big deal is.