Anyone living with gyno here?

I’m just wondering if there’s anyone here who has gyno and is just living with it rather than going through surgery?

All my life (I’m 23) I’ve had larger than normal nipples. I never thought it was serious and I still don’t think it is but after doing research I have finally come to the conclusion that I have a mild case of gyno. It probably developed during puberty since as far back as I can remember my nipples have been like that. I don’t have much breast tissue growth at all… maybe a little bit around the nipples but not much. It’s just the nipples that are larger then typical men’s nipples and they point outwards and are puffy at times.

I don’t consider surgery an issue at all because I don’t think I am willing to go through those extremes for something that’s not really a big problem. It just makes my chest look ugly.

Anyway, is anyone else just dealing with it rather than going through surgery? If so, how do you cope with the psychological issues? It’s been bothering me a bit lately. I can’t wear tight, thin shirts of light colors because my nipples stick out through them and it looks silly. I am also somewhat self-conscious of them when I have to be topless.

For those who are dealing with it by just “dealing,” does it get better when you diet down and get worse as you bulk up?


correct me if i am wrong but couldn’t one with bigger than normal breast ( a guy) just get so lean that all the fat dissappears and then he could start all over. Wouldn’t this be an alternate route to surgery?

I had the surgery performed for minimal gyno. I.E. small lumps under the nips making them look a little puufy. it only cost $1400 (bc it was a small job)and i only had to take about 3 weeks off of training. Only thing is that i dont think the dr took out enough becaus they still are a little puffy so i think hes gonna take some more out which will mean 3 more weeks off training.

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. In fact, it could have been me writing your post-especially the t-shirt part. If I’m ever in a situation that I can’t avoid “pointing”, I just tape them down with Band-Aids. That sounds silly, but it’s a quick, cheap fix. Oddly enough, as my weight has fluctuated up and down due to cycles in my training, my nipples have remained the same despite bodyweight/bodyfat%. I’ll never have surgery to correct it. It’s not that bad and it’s too expensive-I’d rather have calf implants-lol.
God bless


I gat down to about 5-6% fro a BB show and the gyno was even more noticeable. It is the type of fat deposit that does not go away with dieting. I had mine remove by surgery about 3 years ago

Yes, I have a (relatively) mild case of gyno, and have had it since around when I was 14 (I am 18 now). I have had 2 surgeries, and they have helped, but my nipples are still puffy, and it is rather unsightly and lowers my self-confidence. So when I get the time, probably during the summer, I am going to a better surgeon to have the actual glands removed.

I used to have it, but couldn’t go another day living with oversized shirts and scrunched over shoulders, so I got it all removed in the Summer of 98 (I was 19). The gyno turned out to be a result of Kleinfelders syndrome, a common problem for American males. If you want to live free and shirtless, get the operation; it’s worth every cent!

I have big nipples for a guy. I don’t really give a shit. I don’t have gyno cuz there’s no fat underneath that could be considered breast tissue. I’ve had these nips all my life, so I’m not worried about getting rid of them. They’re not extremely sensitive to the touch.

My chest is DEFINITELY the bodypart that I’m most self-conscious about. No matter how lean I have gotten (best has been about 8%, give or take 1%) there is more fat on my chest than any other area of my body. And when I gain bodyfat, it looks even worse. It may be true that at 5% I’d have gotten rid of it, but I’d like to look good at 10% (when I’m in the middle of a program designed to gain muscle.)

I don’t know if I have gyno, or just very stubborn fat on my chest. My nipples are puffy (ie. they are not FLAT,) but my whole chest area is soft (not just directly under my nipple.)

I was thinking of surgery to remove that fat, but then I wonder what it would look like when I gained some weight…I wonder if fat would return but disproportionately and look ‘odd.’

Bro, this same thing happened to me during puberty. I have “puffy” nipples and always store a little extra fat in them. I’ve noticed that as I get leaner, they go away. But it’s also hard to stay lean year round when you want to get bigger and stronger.

I have learned to deal with it and never let my bodyfat get too high (or it’s more noticeable).

One of these days, I’ll be able to stay lean year round and accomplish my strength/mass goals.

I’d love to have surgery to remove the extra fat, but I am not going to pay for it. It may bother me, but not enough to shell out a few grand. Besides, when my nipples are hard, it tightens the skin around that area, and it’s not noticeable.

I have large nipples, and they also are a little puffy, but I wouldn’t concider it gyno. Most of my adult life Ive have a little extra fat on me, but I’m not self-conscience about my nips. Maybe I’m not sure what gyno looks like. Got any pics?


Anyone tried using some form of cutting gel or Skulpt to try to rid some excess fat around the nipples? I know it won’t get rid of the gyno completely (the glands will remain) but what if it’s just a mild case of gyno and all you want is to reduce nipple size and some surrounding fatty deposits?

Nate Dogg,

I looked at your pics in the photos forum after you posted that you also think you have a mild case of gyno or excess fat around the nipples.

I could hardly notice it at all. Does yours get significantly worse as you increase in bodyfat? I have never been under 12% bodyfat… perhaps if I get down to 8-10% the nipples it would go away?

Yeah I got puffy nips, and a small hard bump (about the size of a dime) under each one. I remember when I was around 13-14 if someone hit one of the lumps it hurt like hell, now they’re never sore but still make my nipples protrude a little bit. I quite self conscious about it, so if I’m taking off my shirt I push in my nipples real quick so they get hard for about a minute or so and look normal. I never really knew what it was til I started reading this board and never really considered surgery, but I think i’ll look into it now…

Oh yeah, body fat levels never changed anything with mine, even when I was a stick figure (6’4" 165 lbs) they were still there.

Nate-Dog, you just described me exactly in your description of yourself.

Let’s say you went on the Howard Stern show and were GIVEN the opportunity for FREE surgery…would you do it?

Like I said, my concern is that, since it wouldn’t be just cleaning out one small area under the nipple, that if and when I bulked fat that I would gain wouldn’t look natural. Would you have that concern?

I think Stiehl had a good idea: try 6 weeks with a cutting gel first before considering surgery.


It’s not noticeable in those pics because I was much leaner. As I get leaner, it nearly disappears. At that bodyfat level, only I can really tell that there is some extra fat around the nips. Also, in the pics, my nipples were erect, so it also tightens up the area around the nipple.

If I took pics now (I’ve gained 20lbs since then), you’d be able to see it much more clearly, especially if my nipples are not erect. I can actually see it in the mirror. There is an area around my nipple that looks different than the rest of my chest where you can tell there is some extra fat and puffiness. So for me, bodyfat levels do determine how “puffy” they are.


Sure, if the surgery was free, I’d be all for it. I’m a bit self concious about it even if I don’t let it really bother me too much. I’d definitely like to get the extra fat removed so that whether I’m lean or not, it wouldn’t be there.

As for after surgery, when they lipo or remove excess fat from certain areas, you usually don’t get fat in those areas again. That’s why for people who are very overweight and get lipo, once they gain fat again, it goes to different areas or gives them an odd-shaped appearance. Obviously, in this case, there is just a small amount of fat, and having it removed would be great and it should not return.

I don’t really have excess fat in that area, just puffy nipples and a small hard lump under each. I’m thinking the lumps are some sort of gland thats not supposed to be there…? As for surgery, how much scarring was there? Because if its pretty noticable i’ll just live with my big nips.

There is no scarring with the surgery. Just make sure you have a good plastic surgeon. I can just barely see where the cuts were made to remove the gyno (I have to look real real close). I healed up real nicely; rubbed some E oil into the skin about a month after the surgery and didn’t start tanning until a year later. It was well worth it for me.