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anyone live around me?

hey guys, i have been reading this site/mag religiously for about 6 months now and was wondering if anyone else lived in my area that read it too but maybe had never posted or something. the only other person i found on the locator was “airborne” but that was in 2002 and he never posted. i live in Fort Polk, louisiana. by the way, would yall (the t-mag staff)mind if i put up your website in the gym on base? since no one else from around here apparently comes to this site, we might get some more folks. just let me know. and i would like to get together with anyone else who lifts intensely/regulary, as none of my friends do. thanks guys.
by the way, do yall still publish a magazine? i picked up a copy in may, but have yet to be able to find it again.