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Anyone Like 80s Funk/Electro/Boogie?

I’m showing how sad I am by admitting that at 12.30am, I’m on my pc listening to and downloading old funk mp3s but then I love spending my time doing this. I know a couple of friends who are into kind-of-similar stuff but other than them, I don’t know a soul who appreciates 80s synth-based funk.

Yeah, the 70s stuff might have more musical credibility but for me, there’s nothing like a good synth or vocoder- does anyone else feel the same way?

Love it.

George Clinton/Bootsy Collins/Eddie Hazel (from Parliament/Funkadelic) are huge influences on my playing.

Zapp, Dazz Band, Gap Band, The Brothers Johnson

Nile Rodgers as well (more production and session guitar through that period).

Lol, glad at least one person responded!

My mate read that somoene called Roger Troutman ‘the Jimmy Hendrix of the vocoder’- so true! Yeah, there’s a few people now making stuff that’s been inspired by 80s funk but it’s just not the same.