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Anyone Lift on Long Island?


Anyone lift on Long Island? Also anyone lift in any of the gyms on LI listed on powerliftingwatch.com? What do you think of them?

I'm asking because although my current membership at gold's in bellmore is far from up, I'm just curious on how these powerlifting gyms are and they will definitely be a consideration in the future.


Not a powerlifter, but I pass SteelFitness everyday on the way to work - outside they have the atlas stones and a big ass tractor tire - looks like might be fun - check em out - steelfitness.net


world gym in west babyon. has a mono, ghr, racks, bars, stones, farmers handles, 2 tires, a 500ish and an 800ish, logs, etc. bunch of strong guys in powerlifting and strongman train there.


No one lifts on Long Island. Or what the guy above said.


I train in my barebones garage and occasionally at "bodybuilding gym" in Westbury, so I can't help too much, sorry.

I took a look at that list of gyms and Elite Fitness in Locust Valley stood out. Looks like it's run by Shawna Mendelson, younger sister of Scot. I'd expect that place to have some kind of atmosphere.


Awesome guys thanks.


What he said. I have trained, competed, and given a seminar there. It's a very strength athlete friendly gym. The have a monolift and a forza bench. That says a lot about a gym.


Just used the search function to find out if any of my fellow T-Nationers happen to also be my geographical brethren. @Chris_Colucci eh?


Ha, wow old thread. But yep. Still here.

If you're up for bumping another old thread, this one is where some local guys (Stu, Brick, myself, and others) organized some training meetups a while back.


Gaglione Strength looks promising, considering Mike Jenkins was friends with the owner, I think.

Also, gonna be a typical obligatory long islander reppin' long island!


I have never trained at Gaglione but I see John at all the meets coaching and helping his guys out. Seems like a good dude.


I train at Colisuem gym if that helps lmao


@mikey1871 did you compete at the RPS meet in July? I think more than half the dudes lifting that day were from Coliseum


What heatwave? Ya I just switched there in August but I knew people from before. I'm competing at rps in November