Anyone Lift in JB Elite III Wrestling Shoes?

Got used to squatting and deadlifting barefoot. Thought I’d get a pair of the JB Elite III wrestling shoes. How are they for squats and deadlifts?


  1. Are they stable?
  2. Is the forefoot mushy?
  3. Are they wobbly from side to side?

I mostly back squat and I think I have enough ankle mobility to not need heeled olympic shoes.
They’re a tad pricey, but if they’re worth it, I don’t mind the investment.
Not looking to compete in PL or anything in case you’re going to ask.


A completely flat sole is preferred over this type of shoe. You want maximal surface area contact with the ground. Look at the soles of oly lifting shoes, skate shoes like vans, and chuck taylors to see what I’m talking about. also the No Bull lifting shoes, and SOME of the Nike metcon shoes.

the stability of any of the shoes I mentioned should be superior to a wresting shoe like the one you’re asking about.

So all that being said, I haven’t personally lifted in the shoe you’re asking about. It’s appearance is what I’m going by, and the purpose it’s made for. It’s entirely possible that it performs better than I would expect it to.

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I see. Good point about the maximal surface area contact. I’ll try to look at the shoes you mentioned. I do walk around everyday in vans slip ons. Might be time I give them a try in the gym. Thanks, flip!

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sounds like a plan!

I’ve actually switched to deadlifting barefoot most of the time recently, unless the contest I’m in doesn’t allow that. If I have to wear shoes, I wear the Reebok TR Lite, which is the Mark Bell designed shoe that was actually discontinued a couple years ago. They’ve since introduced the Reebok Power Lite, which looks pretty cool IMO. Haven’t worn it, but it looks very similar, used for the same purpose. Only difference is they doubled the price, lol. Still cheaper than the No Bull by quite a bit.

I wear Oly shoes for all my squatting.

Really just feels more stable huh? I guess there’s a reason why the pro strongmen lift barefoot (well, in socks). I do think it’s quite possible it caused Thor his 501kg attempt though. His left foot was slipping sideways on his attempt if you look closely. Same thing happened at World’s Strongest Man 2017 when he missed his 472.5kg attempt I think.

I could also just buy Oly squat shoes and just deadlift barefoot. Just realized now that that’s another option

no, that’s not why I do it. I think it feels a little unstable, I’ve just gotten used to it. I get more traction with shoes. I do it because it shortens the ROM. Just a small advantage, but in competition, that could mean a rep difference, or a 15 lbs increase on a max, or whatever. At the level I compete at, I’ll take any advantage I can get.