Anyone Know These Boots?

Anyone know these boots/trainers? I know they’re Asics, but can’t seem to find what type they are, any ideas?

wrestling shoes i think? i where mine everday to the gym. i wrestle in jr high and ever since i always had a pair. relly nice like walking on air!

Yeah, they look like Asics Split Seconds, but they’re still different, could be an older pair maybe? They look pretty cool to be honest, I want a pair lol

what are those boots i always see bodybuilders wearing in those videos and what is the point of them?

for lookin’ macho

[quote]schultzie wrote:
for lookin’ macho[/quote]

Totally. I lace up my high top chucks really tight cuz they make my calves look bigger.

Ask him over @ MD. He has a Q & A thread.

[quote]Affliction wrote:
Ask him over @ MD. He has a Q & A thread.[/quote]

Him? The guy in the pic? I don’t have a clue who he is, and I don’t know what MD means. :smiley:

That is IFBB Pro Evan Centopani. With regards to the website - YGPM.

these boots are made for walking