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Anyone Know the Manufacturer of This Multi-Station Gym?

Long story short, we’re about to buy a house with this equipment in the basemet. This is the pic from the listing, during the inspection I forgot to take a better pic. Can anybody tell what the manufacturer is based on this blurry logo? Thanks!

Can you not call/text/message the person?

Unfortunately I would have to go through my realtor, then through the seller’s, and then back to me. The property is currently vacant so she couldn’t just go and look at it. It’s not a big deal, I can wait three weeks. I just wanted to see if I can find the manual so I can decide if I want to move it.

It’s a Hoist, so try checking around their site to see if you recognize the model. Based on the stack and handles, it looks like an older unit so it might be discontinued.

Awesome, thanks. I thought it might say Hoist but it definitely doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen so I didn’t think so.