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Anyone Know much about DB 10

A pink rectangular pill with a db on one side of it and a 10mg on the other. a buddy of mine said he got it from a “reliable source” it looks shady to me. i told him not to take it with out knowing what it is. apparently the company went out of business so he got it pretty cheap.

Just try it …if it gives him tits then oh well right???

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I’m assuming he’s trying to say it’s 10mg d-bol. None of d-bol I’ve ever seen said “db” on it.

I looked it up on a drug Id site but got no returns, If you have actually seen it I would look it up. I used this site: http://www.drugs.com/imprints.php

i have done some more research it turns out it was BD 10 (British Dragon pharmaceutical)
my bad on the typo still no luck on that pill site

I did a little bit of research and the site selling these seems reallllllllly suspicious.

You might want to check this page out.