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Anyone Know Latin?


A friend of mine wants to get "beauty lies within the flaws" in Latin incorporated into her full sleeve and while there is google translator I know those things are almost always off. Does anyone know a legit translation site or is anyone personally capable of translating that into Latin for me?

Much appreciated.




Wouldn't it be especially poignant to have "beauty lies within the flaws" written in flawed Latin?


intus lateat decorem macula quod


Can only help you with Italian bud, sorry.


pulchritudo intra vitia iacet

EDIT: I've arranged it in how it would be written in classical latin (i.e subject first, verb last word). Reorganisation is possible so you could write 'pulchritudo iacet intra vitia' if you wanted as well. Latin is fluid like that


another translation is:

pulchritudo intra vitia latet

(latet means literally to 'lie hidden' or 'lurk' whereas 'iacet' means literally to lie down


4 years of high school
4 semesters of college
7 books hand translated

Yea,I know latin. I type latin texts when I'm drunk


And I'm not helping.

Way,you should not have friends with imperfections.


haha good point. Well, I guess I'll show her some of these and let her see which sounds best.


thanks everyone


haha, so which of the above translations would you go with?

And thanks for the help guys.


Why is this one so different?

I just wanna make sure she doesn't put "I like cock" or something on her arm lol


His translation actually means "a whale's vagina."


eautybay ieslay ithinway hetay lawsfay


I got this from a website "decor lies intus macula." I don't know latin, but I also used the site to translate english words into spanish and that was legit. So I guess it could be right.


hahaha, nice.


He just said "Latin". Didn't specify what dialect :stuck_out_tongue:


WTF? 'Pulchritudo' is the 1st declension nominative form. 'Vitia' is second conjugation, present active imperative form and 'latet' is the third conjugation, present active indicative form. 'Vitia' means to spoil/corrupt.

So your phrase means: 'Beauty', 'I command you to corrupt' and 'lie hidden' 'inside'.

I've never studied Latin BTW.

OP: Tell your friend to learn a language before s/he gets some crap tattooed on them in that language.


OP, take this, much better.


Gallus placet