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Anyone Know How to Edit a Song?


I have to submit my music for my comp on Saturday, and i don't know how to take a clip from a song and burn it.



Works great, I use it for making ringtones for my phone.


I have a question for you. I want the audio from a YouTube video. How can I download it or whatever so that I can listen to it without having to be on the Internet? I keep my drumset in a bombshelter under my house and it's 20ft. down so I don't get any wireless Internet down there. But there's an unreleased drum track from John Bonham that I want to play along to down there. What are my options, if any?


Keepvid.com, just paste in the URL for the YouTube clip and it gives you a variety of options to download - video and audio.

Otherwise, Jdownloader is a free piece of downloading software that catches any links you open and again splits them into lots of audio and video formats to download.


Sick! Thanks. Steve Jobs isn't responsible for this technology, is he?


Thanks this actually helps me also.


I use this http://www.dvdvideosoft.com/products/dvd/Free-YouTube-to-MP3-Converter.htm

They have a lot of cool apps.


I came to this thread to recommend Audacity. I started using it few years ago in a subject since we had to capture music from a vinyl and then fix the noise...and Audacity can do that. Amazing software.


You have to purchase a license with Keepvid?


No, it's all done through your browser. No software to install, be sure you don't download any kind of software from there.