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Anyone Know How to Aquire Online Blood Test in New York

most online lab work I look into not able to do in New York . Anyone know of a lab that will test New York individuals ?

Probably a state law not allowing you to order your own blood tests. Best bet is to order a draw over in western MA or CT. Not sure where you are.

Edit: https://www.selftestable.com/new-york-blood-test-ordering

thank you , ill look into that info , much appreciated

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@straightnasty let me know if it works for you

It’s pretty new that quest started this

tried all of the above , none work for ny .

I know my total T 421 (240 - 950) and free T 12.4 (4.46 - 17.1) , I just would like to know my estrogen levels

im planning on starting self administered trt soon .

I know I could start low and increase or do more frequent injections , add in ai etc …. was just hoping for an estrogen # . im around 20-22% bf slowly losing muscle ive always had , gaining love handles and belly fat are my issues , along with drop in libido and maintaining strong erections after intercourse has started . oh also need a advil pm to sleep thru the night if not im up in 4-5 hours and cant get back to sleep .

looking for help / advice , test e will be here in 2 days already have arimidex . looking into injecting subq , want to stay clear of estrogen issues as much as possible .

Where in ny

Your testosterone numbers not that bad. Have you investigated possible causes?

Like pituitary, adrenals, weight, testicular issues?


You really need more labs to get baseline.

Thyroid Panel
Lipid panel
Metabolic panel
Dhea s

If you start I would do 100 mg a week no ai. Wait 8 weeks and see how you feel. You can’t judge a protocol in the first few weeks. To much adjustment and endocrine changes happening

42 yrs old

6’2 240

upstate ny , Binghamton area

tsh 3.63 ( .34 - 5.60 )

metabolic panel - all is good and in range

lipid profile = high :
chol - 215 <200
triglyceride - 78 0-150
hdl - 53 >39.9
non hdl 171 <130
ldl 155 <100

these are only levels I have

these were back in june 2018 when I was 255lbs , lost wait since and feel better but above issues are still hindering . im not a fat mess, athletic and agile , run a 6 minute mile , 42 inch box jump , 225 lb bench for 12 , cardio is ok 3 mile run walk one to two times ,

the test levels were taken end of this January 2019 at 8am in morning fasted

no medication , never smoked , never drugs , drink 6-8 on a saturday

I agree with more labs that’s why I was trying to get online testing , I love my doc but hes not to familiar wth trt , I know numbers arnt to bad but like others say its how I feel , id rather feel great than blahhhh semi ok ya know . ya only live once .

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Ok so if you start at 100 a week. You can split in 2 and do subq. Impulse is to start higher but you need to resist. Many do well at 100 some even less. I do 100 total t 750 free t top of the range. No ai. After 6-8 weeks check
LH And fsh if you never checked before. Should be close to 0

Total t
Free t
Shbg if you can

Good luck. Am 42 as well. Live downstate

Thank you so much Charlie 12 , ill be following your protocol , and will update as i go . Do you do subq injections as well ?

I did it was ok. I do shallow im now.

I use 29 gauge 1/2" .5 ml insulin syringe. Buy on-line

Since my cypionate is 200mg per ml. I inject 25 units or .25 ml for 50 mg.
I actually recently went down to 46mg 2x a week to see if it will help with some bloat. Still feel very good. Am dialed in so I can change my dose slightly here and there. All I know is my body needs stability so I like to keep it the same.

This is key :arrow_down::arrow_down:

I have 1 cc (tb) syringe 25 guage x 5/8 , would that work for shallow ? not exactly sure what shallow is …. glutes , quads ?? my test e is 250mg/ml

whats better in your opinion …im or subq , im a first time injector , I have a good pain tolerance tho , and I know ill be nervous but not afraid of needles

I would def order some 29 g tho , I researched and most said the 25 guage so I went wth that , 29 I prob wouldn’t even feel it

You have to read about im v subq. Some love subq some love im.

I do on side of quad. You can do delts too. If you do delts just do delts . I personally would not alternate starting out. Absorbtion could be different.

When I did sub q i pinched some fat on upper leg and went in there sometimes sideways with needle

5/8 is good but if doing subq u may not go in all the way. If going straight in for shallow im then just go straight in. I got used to do on side of quad

25 gauge you can start until you get the smaller ones. So much easier

again thank you sir

Sure. Have a nice day.

With 250mg per ml make sure you calculate how much to inject on syringe correctly

will do , have a good day

Experts say of the 89% of men who have low T, 71% of men just have low T without any known cause, the remaining 18% are primary (failing testicles) or have pituitary tumors. Low T causes poor sleep and poor sleep causes low T, the factors for being low T are likely multifaceted.

You’re new at this and I advise you seek someone more knowledgeable in private care, not sick care. A lot of guys feel a crash 3-4 days after an injection do to different rate of metabolization of testosterone, we also excrete T into our urine at different rates depending on SHBG.

Processed food is very low in nutrients and is actually killing us more quickly. Diet, sleep and stress are all factors.