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Anyone Know About This?

Seems like BS and sensationalist news to me… if anybody knows more about it pipe up.

I case you’re not familiar with the UK press, BS and sensationalist news with a bit of xenophobia thrown in for good measure usually sums up the general content of Daily Mail quite well.

aaaarrgh, the Daily Mail is THE most pernicious, nausea-inducing rag in the UK. Some people slag off the red-top tabloids, but in their defence they KNOW they are mindless pieces of arse-wipe, the Daily Mail on the other hand masquerades as something more intellectual, as do its readers. In a nutshell, it is everything I hate about England. Ignore this story.

thanks it seems fishy when their are no other sources describing these things. The daily must get laughed at. I think it would be cool to get a reputable paper from london even if just online acces :slight_smile: