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Anyone Know about This?


Something is going on in my deltoid/neck. I have a feeling it's screwing with some of my lifts particularly rowing and pull ups. Here is the best I can describe:

I get a very deep stretch when I do some version of a 'Chest Wall Stretch' in my anterior deltoid. It feels very tight although I have "decent" shoulder mobility and can get my arm past my shoulder behind me. It almost feels like other tissues are being pulled on in one region of my front delt. This is really difficult to describe.

Another example, if I turn my neck to the side while gently pushing down with my 2 fingers on my upper trap, I get this really powerful sensation from a subtle movement, almost like a pressure point.

Any help would be appreciated. I think my trap or whatever I'm stumbling on might be so tight that i'm leeching performance capacity because this side loses a lot of stability.



Turns out my hunch was in the right direction. Got some therapy for scar tissue and it seemed to help. A lot of blood vessels bruised but it feels a lot better. Amazed at the ROM improvement in my shoulder. Hopefully it'll be resolved soon completely.