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Anyone Know About These Colleges?


Hey guys,

I'm a senior in high school now and have taken my education very seriously. I have a great 3-year average, pretty good SAT's, and tons of extra-curricular. I'm getting ready to choose a college now and looking for anyone who has gone through some of the schools I have applied to.

I am looking to major in Actuarial Science. Right now my choices are between University of Connecticut, Bryant University in Rhode Island, and Florida State University.

Has anyone gone through any of these programs or like to give some input on what I should do?

Just another side question- Right now i want to go to FSU. A big reason why is that I like warm weather. I'm not a partier so I am NOT (repeat NOT) going to Florida to party. Is Florida considered a "good" school, or in four years when I graduate am I going to be looked down upon and regret going?

Thanks in advance



FWIW, I hear FSU has a great gym.


I know only superficial stuff on all three of those schools and only ever been to one (Bryant when the Pats practiced there), but I think you'd be a fool for skipping the weather and the girls at FSU, partier or not.



The best advice I can give you is to visit the schools you are considering. Ask the department you're interested in if you can attend a lecture or two. Try to meet a couple of professors and pick their brains. You're looking for comfort, a good vibe, and a place you'll be happy for 4 (or more) years.

Are the students happy? Are the professors friendly? professional? easy to access? And that last question is serious. A lot of professors do their 1 hour lecture and run the hell away before you can have 2 minutes of face-time.

You want to get a great education, but make sure you get a feeling that your life won't suck at the same time.


You should also check out what kind of exemptions for Actuarial exams are offered by the universities.

This stuff is very important for when you want to work as an actuary afterwards since more exemptions means a higher starting salary and less exams to be done while working. Also some employers will prefer to higher people with more exemptions.


I am an FSA and went to Ball State. They have a very good program but the weather sucks. I work with a guy that went to UConn and I think it is considered a good school for Actuarial Science. If you are looking for something in the south then Georgia State has an excellent program.

What you should do is find a college on the list in the link below. From my experience if you go to a program with the classes to prepare you then as long as you put in the effort you will be fine. If you have a good GPA and pass a couple of exams before you graduate you should get a good job.