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Anyone Know About Stemulite?


Anyone tried this supp and had success? I'm curious because besides the strength gains it promises, it also assures a good nights sleep. A friend of mine tried it and had mixed feelings so user comments would be appreciated!

Also, if some higher educated folks out there could give me a break down of the ingredients list that would be cool!

BTW, I'm not pushing this product, I actually kind of expect it to be like a GNC gimmick supplement or one of low quality...




I thought this was interesting, the testimonials seem real and they have several professional football players mentioned.


I'll give you a hint- it's made by the same guys that made Endothil-CR.


Thanks but I don't need any hints, i'm wondering if this stuff actually works. An athlete and friend of mine tried it and reported the best sleep of his life. While starting his bench training, he said that it went up by 40 pounds in a month. He thinks it's partly coincidental, because he was just starting to bench, but most people can't add ten pounds to the bar a week, it's fairly unnatural. Their site also boasts four superbowl champion athletes with testimonials.

Of course I won't buy anything unless I understand the science behind it.

Ingredients: seems to simple to be true

Lipoic Acid 300 mg
Acytl L-Carnitine 200 mg
Betaglucan 50 mg
Serrapeptase 50 mg
quercetin 50 mg
eggplant exctract 10 mg
indium 5 mg

with the nightime formula their is 2mg of melatonin. Could someone inform me of what these ingredients are for?


Well, the hint indicates "no."

Seriously, everything I've seen on both of these products indicates they are a scam.




Allright, I figured as much.