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Anyone Know About Kinesio Taping

Does anyone have any experience with kinesio taping? I am undergoing physical therapy for a broken ankle and sometimes the therapist tapes the leg from the bottom of the foot almost to the knee. I am living in Germany and perhaps it is a more popular technique here. Quite a few Olympic athletes are using it from what I hear (coverage of the Games compared to the U.S. is lousy). It did seem to aid in relieving some pain and inflammation.

I asked if I could buy a roll and the therapist said “no”. She said you need to be “trained” in the technique. It doesn’t seem too complicated to me. Any therapists here with experience/recommendations?

Also, I am still having lots of pain and swelling 4 weeks after having the cast removed. The therapist said it is probably the tendons trying to heal and that they take a long time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a clean break nor was it correctly diagnosed for some time.

I’ve got some weird foot/back issues, and a few months ago my chiro k-taped my feet and knees. Made a world of difference for a few days, actually gave me a window to see where I was having dysfunction. Highly recommend it.

It’s being worn by a lot of the female beach volleyball athletes in the games. Walsh I believe had it on her shoulder the 1st day to help with a problem, and ever since a lot more people have been putting it on small problem areas.


Apparently you can buy some.