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Anyone Know a Weight Loss Strategy?

Hi, I am 23 years old and have been gaining on pounds and this is getting to me. The thing is that after several efforts of exercise and dieting, I don�??t seem to get any slimmer! There are many ways to lose weight, but I have exhausted all the ways I know. I have consulted a few people but all of them have been telling me the same thing. It isn�??t helping me and only making my fears worse.

Is there some way to make me feel better!!!


Stop posting. Read.

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Dieting isnt meant to make you feel better…

Think of it as the price u need to pay to get the body u want…

but anyway… try to eat mostly lean meat and vegetables, and if u are really deteremined, have no more than 50g of carbs per day. Use weight training, reduce cardio, and supplement with creatine and HMB

Btw, dont think u can eat all the lean meats and veg u want, make sure they are within the amount for your daily calories, which shld be approx. 10 X Bodyweight in lbs for weight loss

I’l give it to you strait if your dieting and working out and not loseing wheight than you must really be eating TO MUCH of the wrong foods! Dieting is VERY SIMPLE BUT NOT EASY!

Its basic math Calories in over calories out!

First things first No amount of exercise with let you outrain a poor diet! Read the “T-Dawg 2.0 Diet” Its perfect for you! You need to understand that YOU WILL BE HUNGRY thats a part of dieting it makes you a stronger person to know that you can beat cravings and indulgences! Look at food as something you need to live not as pleasure!

Then get a good lifting program! Id recoment either “starting strenth” or “10x3 for fat loss”

You know what to do now get to it! Nobody said being ripped was easy! Thats why there are so many fat people everywhere! GET DETERMINED and Focused!

Good Luck to you! Keep posting if you need advice on anything the Vets around here are really good at helping out begginers sometimes they may be a little harsh but lisnin and learn!..AND READ

Read the beginner stickies, especially Vroom’s thread. They’re at the top of the beginner’s forum. Lots of articles related to exactly what you’re concerned about.