Anyone Know a Good TRT Endo in Massachusetts?

Anyone know a good TRT endo in Massachusetts?
I’m going though a wellness clinic and they are great but expensive… I had genuinely low T but doc wouldn’t prescribe and I was too busy at the time to find a good endo.
Reference wold be appreciated… thanks!

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Thanks for the sticky but it dons’t answer my question.

You may need to find your own doc.

You need to know the other stuff in self defense because so many docs are idiots.

Please note that as a group, experience here indicates that endo’s are the worst at TRT and most urologists are too. Best bet is an enthusiastic male GP who can think for himself.

The one I go to is FANTASTIC. Boston Vitality in Stoneham. They get it and are there to help you get to where you want to be. you should check em out.

Do they take insurance?

Not confirmed, but this review might nee the answer…

“After my experience with Boston Vitality I never want to use insurance again for testosterone replacement therapy. What an unbelievable difference. My PCP and insurance only would pay for 1 injection a month at the smallest dose. I wish everyone could have this type of experience. I can see why insurance driven medical care sucks so bad. Make the small investment, use Boston Vitality…”

Hate that more places that specialize in trt don’t work well with insurance.

Thanks. Blame the insurance game.

Hey, sorry it took so long. No, they don’t take insurance. But I too tried to go through my insurance (I have a United PPO, a very good policy) and my PCP and insurance sucked regarding my TRT.

I just don’t think insurance companies are there yet. They are still mostly looking at sub 250 or 220 levels and will only treat very very conservatively.

I’m more than happy to pay what I pay at Boston Vitality though. Plus, you can call or text anytime you want. It’s concierge medicine…once the whole system gets nationalized like it is in Canada, people with means will pay out of pocket for better care like they do there…so better get used to it anyway, it’s coming.


When the time comes and I have to pay for proper care I will do that but I will take the savings while I can.

I just heard about about a place called North East men’s clinic on the radio. Haven’t seen anything about them yet.

Salem, NH but not far