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Anyone Keep a Journal?

Someone posted a link to www.artofmanliness.com a while ago I’ve been checking out that site some good stuff. One thing I found was this

It got me thinking I had some really extrordinary expirences in my life and things I am sure no oone else has experienced or done some things that I have and I bet just about everyone has experiences that only they have… So maybe I ought to get started. So any of you keep a journal kept a journal or tried to start a journal what are your thoughts thoughts opinions and experiences with it.

Dear Diary,

Today, Dwight came up with a great idea about Golden Tickets. . .

Lol at the reference to “The Office.”

I’ve kept a dream journal in the past. I usually jotted some stuff in there about day to day activities, to try and see how much of my dream was dream and how much of it was mental garbage from the day.

I still have it by my bed but I don’t add to it regularly anymore. Its neat looking back and reading it and wondering how you managed to survive the more tumultuous times of your existence.

Journals are a must. I always make sure to keep them with me when I am traveling abroad, as those are experiences and encounters that should be kept with you for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately they are a little harder to keep on an everyday basis back home, but if you have the time and the will, I think they are a great idea. Life has an infinite amount of great moments, why not remember as many as you can?

I don’t make diary entries, but I use spiral notebooks to scribble down almost everything that hits me. For some reason I’m compelled to record my thoughts. I guess it helps me organize my mind or something.

I keep one. I can’t say that I’m 100% on top of doing it every day, but I try and write at least one entry a week, at which point I might recap what went on. If you’re interested I see no reason why not.

I personally just keep a .txt file with the date saved in it. I keep a copy of it in my gmail account in case my pc crashes or something. I assume it will be pretty fun to read when I’m older. Maybe if I have children someday, they can see that their Dad used to lift weights, get drunk, and fuck hot chicks on a somewhat regular basis.

Growing up it was always something I tried to do, I just could never get into the habit. Never really enjoyed writing for the most part.

Although when I eventually travel it’s something I plan on doing. That plus a plethora of pictures will be a good way to preserve memories. Preparing for future nostalgia :wink:

If you think it is something you will maintain then go for it! My roommate has kept journals for years, I know she enjoys going back and reading them and plans on passing them down to her future children.

I’ve been writing one for about a year now.

Volumes and volumes, I went from age 20 to 27 with an entry weekly if not daily, I am 37 now plan to have a manuscript to hand to a publisher by next spring :slight_smile:

Cool some interesting stuff guys.

theuofh I’ve heard of that before. You heard of lucid dreaming I have heard keeping a journal is a good first step. It’s very funny you mentioned a dream journal it reminded me of last night I had some crazy dreams. I dreamt that I was dreaming and new that I was dreaming and started to try and control it (lucid dream) bit woke up as soon as I started to. But I realize when I “woke up” from it and told people about it that was also a dream. Also had some crazy shit about fighting some monster thing that wouldn’t die. I forgot to turn on heat and my blanket fell off and when I am too cold I have crazy dreams. Probably why I remembered them since the cold + crazy monster dream woke me up mid dream.

Westcoast7 good point thats what I was thinking.

Belligerent. I sometimes do the same thing and it does help I also do it to keep track of my goals and there progress also of my lifting .

Yadbird and crimson lily. Yup thats my thinking definetly could be cool to pass on to children. Really could help them learn it’s amazing how similar offspring can be I recently found out my dad had basically the same strengths and weakness as me to a T anything we don’t share came from my mothers side grandpa . My children will likely be the same so the journal could definetly help them avoid mistakes i’ve made or emulate things I do that work out.

Trav and vulf very impressive. Great physiques btw your both real big guys. Seems maybe the ability and dedication to keep a daily habit assisted you in your lifting/physique goals.

So I am convinced I am going to get started today. Thanks for posting everyone.

I might if anything interesting ever happened to me.

Yea of course. I write in it every day after I wash my makeup off and kiss my boyfriend goodnight.

[quote]FightinIrish26 wrote:
Yea of course. I write in it every day after I wash my makeup off and kiss my boyfriend goodnight.[/quote]


[quote]FightinIrish26 wrote:
Yea of course. I write in it every day after I wash my makeup off and kiss my boyfriend goodnight.[/quote]

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