Anyone Just Feel Better Incorporating AI for Supranatural TRT Protocols?

I thought i was pretty well dialed in and happy, but boners and libido could have been better. I started taking Ritilin for ADHD which i need, and its metabolizing the test cyp faster, and i think lowered my total T (hypothosis)

200mg test cyp/week pinned daily
70 IU HCG pinned daily
24mg anavar taken daily - Not cycling, ive been on it for 7 months
No ai.

labs had me at:
890 total test
29 free test
35 estradiol
11.6 prolactin (it has never left the 11-12 range no matter my protocol)
SHGB was 10.6 (anavar lowers it). May be causing worse libido/erections

I started to UP my T and felt typical higher estrogen symptoms and took an old .125mg anastrazol i had from a previous protocol and my erection quality and libido shot way the fuck up.
I’ve been trying to be a “You don’t need AI, just pin more frequently” type of dude, but this has me second guessing that stance.

After talking with my doc the other day, i’m going to keep the above protocol and try 25mg of test cream on my balls every morning. I’ve heard this has a more direct impact on libido via DHT.

Anyone else try but never feel totally optimized without ai?

Yes, and most of these people won’t be on these forums, but they are very common out and about.

How’s everything look on that dose for that length of time?

I know this is a hypothesis, but this frankly isn’t the case. Dopamine regulation (ADHD) meds and Test just don’t really play on the same systems.

HCG tends to cause increased e2, so running HCG without an AI can certainly lead to issues. If you dropped the HCG, you may find that you’ll feel fine without an AI.

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No major issues. It would tax the liver or kidneys (i forget which) at a higher dose, but its safe at this dose. The benefits are subtle, but they’re there. I’m not greedy

i noticed my nuts start to shrink when i went down to 60iu’s daily, but maybe i’ll let that happen to keep the e2 lower and see if that helps. Its purely a vanity thing, i’m snipped

Interesting. Curious to see lipids as well

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Uh well yea many, but some fools have Been totally brainwashed today by certain anti ai People.

Many dont even realise how really strong libido and boner feels before they actually fix their darn estrogen.

Where do you think E2 should sit at? Approximately…

A decent place to start:

Also posts below this one.

Lipids before and after?


doc isn’t worried about anything. these are my lipids. I didn’t fast for the labs

It was recommended to lessen joint/ligament pain. I was told it offered similar benefits to deca

I’d fast for the labs next time so you know the info you are making decisions on is as good as possible. Unless you don’t plan on making any changes regardless, then continue on.

I will say that for me personally, I wouldn’t be happy with these labs if they were fasted labs. I don’t know what not fasting will do to each item in the panel though? I’d kinda expect all of them to go down if you were fasting, which includes your HDL which is already low not fasting. Really that is what I’d be concerned with.


This makes more sense. I was sceptical of your normal range comment. Let me be as clear as I can, your trig/hdl-c ratio is bad. That ratio is best reflection of lipid particle counts you could determine with nmr test. You aren’t doing yourself any favors walking around like that for 6 months at a time.

If your Doc isnt worried with these numbers then he doesnt care about your health. What were your pre oxandrolone lipids?

Now does this mean you are giving yourself CVD? I dont know. But it is a risk factor completely in your control.

Fasted or not fasted aint going to make a big difference.

This thread may be of interest…


Nope oxandrolone does nothing to heal joints. I am still waiting for AA clinic to at least offer the intra-articular stanozolol shots…you know something with some data behind it (at least in horses). Deca (actually nandrolone) doesnt rehab joints either. May help quench pain reception in brain and also cure your erections (which you learned already).

I’d think if joint issues were an issue, some sort of peptide or HGH would be the go to (although too much HGH can cause some joint issues).

Here were my labs before anavar. only taking 220mg test/hcg with no ai. Also didn’t fast. i never fast for my labs

Well that’s news to me about anavar not helping with joint/ligament pain. deca helped with the inflamation and let my rotary cuff heal. it kept it away for several months just taking low dose anavar, but it did pop up a month ago. If it doesn’t help with that, i’m going to drop it for now. Maybe save it and use it for a cycle down the road.

I should mention i usually have 1-2 whiskey drinks a night… i should cut back


Trig/hdl ratio (before oxandrolone) = 77/47 = 1.6

after oxandolone = 134/23 = 5.8

3.5x increase in trig/hdl ratio.

From paper in link I shared above:


Another good example of what oxandrolone at even reasonable doses does to lipid values. Would be easy to quickly scan the numbers above and brush off. Keep track of your trig/hdl-c ratio fellas. Thanks for another great example @waylon1981.

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I appreciate the time you put into this. The doc wasn’t worried about it, so it wasn’t on my radar. I dropped it from my protocol.


Hey, we anonymous AAS enthusiasts have to look out for each other, right? Take care.

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