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Anyone Into Sportfishing?


Anyone here into sportfishing? I went for the first time out of Los Suenos in Costa Rica and I got hooked..


Yeah bro. Love it! Caught some cuda and amberjack of Fla coast. A dorado and a sailfish off Cabo San Lucas. Just wish I could go more often.


I'm into fishing of any kind. But I particularly love salt water fishing the most, especially surf fishing. There's nothing like being waist deep in the surf on a hot ass summer day limiting out on specks and reds. I've done the charter thing a few times and enjoyed that as well.


I love fishing. A good buddy of mine just started an inshore saltwater fishing club. There is about 15 boats involved with 1-2 tournaments a month. Each tournament costing each boat $30 with a payout to the top three boats per tourney. Each tourney we target a different fish. Red bass, speckled trout, Sheepshead, and flounder. There is nothing better than making $300 for five hours of something you love to do. It also allows me to spend some quality time with my pops since he is my partner.


I'm a hardcore fly fisher, especially for smallmouth bass and brook trout, longnose gar...


I think "fishing" and "sport" are fairly mutually exclusive... :wink:


Who the hell wrote that!?? :wink:


Seriously, my answer should have been "yes". I only saltwater fish, but would love to try freshwater flyfishing.

I still wouldn't call it a sport though....


Yea, I just got back from a trip to 10,000 Islands in the Florida Everglades. Was a blast and the fishing is amazing. Caught Snook up to 30 inches, big reds, some 18 - 19 inch trout, lots of Amberjack and lady fish. If you ever have the chance you should check out the 10,000 islands area.