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Anyone Into Drum 'n Bass?

I recently got into drum n bass and was wondering if anyone else is in the dnb/jungle scene. Anyone got some good artists to recommend?

I listened to 2 tracks so far and these seem awesome:

http://www.furiousrecords.ca/furiousonline/trenchcoat2007.ram (DIVISION BY ZERO - Trenchcoat 2007)

http://www.furiousrecords.ca/furiousonline/colourofright.ram (DIVISION BY ZERO feat. E=MC �?? Colour of Right)




I'm a house/progressive guy myself.


Can just picture you on a ME squat with Wavy Gravy in the background.


I'm a hardhouse/trance guy myself.


I've had so many friends into that stuff for years now, so I know I'm a complete idiot for saying this but.. I honestly don't know what the difference is between some of those listed above.

I can definitely appreciate the rhythm, however.


I love drum and bass. Great w/o music.


If you just got into Drum and Bass check for metalheadz, or go to http://www.dogsonacid.com/ this is the drum and bass website for the world. I am a huge DnB fan and this is another site which is full of DnB mixes www.dnbshare.com/download/


I prefer jungle to dnb but here is a selection to get you started.

Lets start off with the Urban Takeover label owner Aphrodite.

Simon Bassline Smith is one of my Fav's

Here is Goldie's classic Inner City Life

Here is Roni Size with some Jazz DnB

Stakka and K Tee

The Dream Team

Shy FX

KRS One has done some jungle also

Ninjatune's dj coldcut


Pendulum is really talented.


Ed Rush & Optical (on Virus label) are about as nasty as it gets. Download 'Wormhole'.


dust21 makw great d'n'b with vocals.


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Anything from Dieselboy. Aphrodite, Technical Itch, Ed Rush, Optical, AK1200 are all good too. I used to mix DnB a lot, maybe I'll get back into it as the cold chills of winter roll in.


DnB pwns!

I recommend Evol Intent, Enduser, and Counterstrike for the filthy dirty DnB.

Also, Photek, Dom & Roland, Pendulum and Hive are killer as well

For some great mixes, search for Breezeblock on torrent sites -they're dj mixes from a British DnB radio show -great stuff! The Pendulum Breezeblock is the shit -the intro will make you want to kick somebody in the throat.


panacea 'undergound superstardom'

awesome album.


If you really want to learn about drum and bass you should watch this video on the history of the amen break. The amen is the basis of all DnB/Jungle.


I lisen to house/trance mostly harder stuff.
DJ Boris, Johnathan Peters ect. Seeing JP this sat night at Pacha as a matter of fact.


If yomomma comes on ranting and raving about the bass, dont listen to her.. she's a poser.


I love Wavy Gravy!!! One of my favorite albums (Airdrawndagger - Sasha)!