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Anyone Into Crossfit?


Want to know if anybody in here are into Cross Fit? or' if somebody know anything about it? after some years away from martial arts (Muay Thai) I'm thinking about gettin back into it and maybe mix the martial art with some cross fit, both to get more strength training and to get more stretch training, but know so much about cross fit and can't find any good sites, can some body in here help....??


Try the home of crossfit.



I'll give it a read, thanks..


Not a good thing. CrossFit's been debunked by guys as opposed on the S&C spectrum as Charles Poliquin and Mike Boyle + Gray Cook. When those guys agree on something, you can be sure it's a good idea to listen.

Instead, you could use this here fine site to find what you need. Here's a few lead:

Cosgrove: Complexe Fat Loss
Poliquin: German Body Comp
A couple of program by Waterbury
Thib also has a few circuits ideas in one of his "Monday with Thib" column a while back that'll make you eyes bleed just reading them. Been trying those with clients of mine, and it works awesome.

Although the general principles on which CrossFit is based upon makes sense, the way there put into practice is sheer nonsence. They alternatives I've listed are way better and will have you reach your goal in no time. Best of luck



Best place for fighter training info!!


Our article on it:



Nice, i'll give that a check for sure..! thanks


my wife and i belong to a crossfit gym in chicago. its awesome. im into powerlifting so i only go about once a week on saturdays. saturday is the blowout day where you do a long ass workout for time. its GREAT GPP work. some of the workouts will bury anyone at any fitness level. everyone is dying in there. its also a great atmosphere to workout in.

as far as solely doing crossfit workouts i dont do that. its not for people who want to specialize. its for people who want a general fitness program and be good at a lot of things but great at none.


Also check his book infinite intensity..a good investment!


Crossfit is about taking 'secrets' out of body improvement. It is about empowering everybody with the skills to become a physical badass.

Crossfit is all inclusive, and growing by the second. There are more people interested in finding a local crossfit gym than there are people searching for articles by Polquin, Cosgrove, Thib and Waterbury.

All of the Crossfit principles are nothing new, but in my opinion offer a very good approach to those who want to be well rounded.

Not for any person that has a very specific skill set that they want to master (not for bodybuilders or powerlifters). Not for anyone with a very one dimensional aspiration. But it is for those that want to be able to sprint hard, lift strong, climb mountains, fight bears, jump bulidings....its for those people who asire to be that movie hero who spends the whole movie running, fighting, and fucking, without sleeping, eating, or sweating.


Lol. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Having done Crossfit for a number of years as an adjunct to BJJ training, the vagueness of your claims is a little obfuscating.

Crossfit will help your anaerobic conditioning over durations of around 4-20 minutes. A little bit of aerobic work. Depending upon how strong you are right now, your strength may improve or decline. Doing thrusters with 95 pounds or repping out 135lb C&Js does NOT make you a badass. It will likely be helpful for Muay Thai (for the OP) if your conditioning is lacking, but for FUCK'S SAKE, STOP CLAIMING IT WILL MAKE YOU SOME SORT OF FIREBREATHING ASSKICKER.

Christ. I used to like CF and the community, but as it grows and its claims grow ever more preposterous, I like it less and less.


I have actually gotten some ideas from them When building my own programs, but NEVER do their stuff. They have some good information and it is a good tool at times but your better off doing some of the programs on this site and use Complexes for your energy systems work.


Has anyone else looked around at their fellow Americans lately? If it gets 'em off the couch...

To develop absolute strength in a limited number of movments? No.

To develop power and perfect technique in a very select number of technical lifts? Nah

To posedown in some speedos on a stage? Very doubtful. Very.

But for Joe Accountant, why not? Seems to hit a wide range of strength qualities, from what I can tell. And it's gotta burn a ton of calories. Perhaps, safety issues might be a concern, but I don't know. If it's getting more people in this country excited about fitness, I won't turn my nose up in disqust.


As part of the population that it benefits a lot (military) I think it's a good collection of systems but by no means a be all end all.

It gets people off their ass, squatting deadlifting and cleaning, and is hard work- I don't see anything wrong with that.

I take definite issue with CF cultists who think it's the only and best training system for everything but I also don't like bodybuilding, powerlifting, kettlebell, bodyweight cultists and etc.

It's just another tool.


Its also exposing people to squats, deadlifts, olympic lifts, and other movements they would probably never have considered or tried doing.

If it teaches one more person to squat, deadlift, clean, and snatch, how bad could it be. A lot of people just look at it just as the programming, w/o considering it as a vehicle to further expose the general population to effective training and the bread and butter lifts.

I'm surprised it gets shit on as much as it does.


Totally off topic, but my husbands name is Rasmussen, and his family came from Denmark and settled Greenville, MI..
Thats funny!!


Crossfit is really dumb. So much better ways to get fit.


What are your training goals?

If you want to be a little good at everything. Crossfit would be alright.

If you want to compete in a particular sport, Crossfit would not suit your needs.

Since you are in the strength sports section, I will go off on a limb and assume you want to participate in a strength sport. In this case, Crossfit would not be good.


Biggest load of horsehit I've ever read on this site, and that includes the politics forum


Meh its another exercise fad.

Like others have said if it gets you to exercise sweet.

On the other hand if you are using it to train to be the best at a sport then your are seriously fucking your chances.