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Anyone Interested in a Serious Religious Debate?


Ok, I'm interested in serious debate about anything religious. You can be religious (any religion), anti-religious, irreligious, whatever. Just be ready to back your statements or claims with real sources otherwise it's just an argument about God vs. Science or whatever.

I am well aware that it will probably get bogged down with arguments, insults, and whatever else, but if you would like to avoid all that I am open to debate about anything. Post away.


Hm, actually - and I know that I'm shooting myself in the foot here by posting - I never was interested in religious debate per se. When I was still religious, I always thought religious views were private - and I wouldn't like anyone else comment or criticise what I believed in. Just god and me. Funnily enough, it was pretty much that my co-christians who were keen to form my faith which pushed me first out of the church, and thus set me free to explore alternatives - ultimately leading me to my happy atheism. So ... hm ... no I wouldn't want to discuss religion itself. It's socio-political impact - fair game, but not the faith itself, as I still regard that as private.



It doesn't matter how many source are provided for the anti-religious or irreligious arguments, you will always have people like pushharder and irishsteel dragging the conversation down.

The moment faith gets attacked, even with reasoned arguments, you will have an influx of either accusations of close mindedness or bad jokes.

It was a nice dream OP, but methinks you are being a tad naive.


Meh, if we accept orientation, predisposition, whatever, then there's nothing to debate. Religious people will be religious, and the atheist will be atheist. Those that convert either way were just closet cases all along. We've certainly seen, on this very forum, an attempt to suggest a biological reason for why the faithful are religious in the first place, with God Spots and etc. If you can't change a person's sexual orientation through therapy (as we're told), what makes anyone think a sincerely religious person can have his religious orientation altered? And, vice versa. Of course, this isn't my view.

Too many of these. Same people saying the same things. Good luck though!


Faith vs Reason arguments do not work.


"I just thought we could use a religious debate to, you know, bring everyone together."


Well, it's definitely not my goal to convert anyone. I only want people to present facts on either side of the argument. Nobody that is a believer in anything should be trying to convert anyway. As a believer the only thing you can do is present your side of the story.


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Some reason my edit never went through.

What I meant was : Faith in Faith vs Faith in Reason arguments

So you are right.


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Faith is, by definition, believing in something without hard proof that it is actually true. In the absence of hard proof, it is impossible to verify a claim, regardless of how fervently someone believes it to be true. So objective debates about faith are impossible.

Let people believe whatever fantasy they want to believe, as long as they don't try to force it on you.


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Hey OP almost every thread in this forum turns into a religious debate sooner or later lol



When the religious folk like the Mormons or just regular Christians knock on my door and I answer, I always tell them I'm a devout reformed zen druid... or if I'm in really crumby impatient mood I might say I'm a satanist while acting dead serious about it.

They never know what to say after that and usually just leave with a pleasant farewell. I've heard from friends that one of the best ways to get those people away and not try to convert you is to tell them you're Jewish... I might give that one a try if the mood fits at the time one of them shows up.


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I tell them I'm a reformed Presbylutheran.


It's just people approaching me with their religions when I haven't shown any interest to them about their religion annoys the hell out of me. I mean, if I really wanted to study and learn about their religion, there's this awsome thing called the internet that incredible search engines like google that allow to learn about these few things from a little typing and a few clicks on my laptop.

I'd also attend a church if i were interested. It's just one of my pet peeves is all.


If you know Mormons are operating in your area, you could do the following: get some friends to dress up as rabbis, buddhist monks etc. Then when the Mormons come calling at your door, have them come up behind them and form a queue, and tell them to hurry up because they've got the rest of the street to get through, or something similar. Then start some sort of argument.

I also thought about rigging up my house with dry ice and lighting, so when they call I can run out screaming with what appears to be demonic lights in my house.


"Hell, if it's gonna be this kind of a party i'mma gonna stick my dick in the mashpotatoes!"