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Anyone Interested in a GHR?


I got a deluxe ghr for around 1k two years back from EFS. 1.5 years old and good condition and it comes with band hooks.

Buy the ghr and I'll throw in a hyperextension bench and some bands for only $50.00.


Willing to negotiate price for the ghr (:


Where is it currently located?


How much are you asking?


Are you a real person? :slight_smile:


yes I am a real person. Currently located in Southern California.


current price is $750. May go up though caue I got like 20 offers in 12 hours lol. You aint getting a ghr like this for less than $1200 these days. Shit did a whole lot more for my squat than the reverse hyper.


why u selling?


not a powerlifter anymore (:


Have you sold the GHR? I'm outfitting my garage right now.


havent sold yet cthilton pm me


I picked the same one up for $350...just sayin


I wish to purchase. I am a wealthy millionaire from Nigeria, and will require your assistance in transfering a small amount of money in order to grant you my fortune.


hahaha, yes!


no you didnt you piece of shit. and anyone dumb enough to sell a piece of equipment being sold at 1200 dollars from EFS for that price is...well not bright.

since i still believe your bluffing post pics or take your bullshit post down.