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Anyone Inject into Calf?

Tried it this morning and it was painless.

Just wondering if anyone else does?

Interesting. The only places I have strayed to see the teardrop on the quad,
Semi painful both times. And pectoral muscle, no pain, have done both sides.

My next one might be my trap? Or lat. anyone try these areas?

@roscoe88 are you still painfree? Where did you inject?

I have decent calves from lifting. So I flexed the calf to see where a good meaty spot would be, then relaxed it and shot it. No pain at all. Even days after.

Where on your chest do you inject?

What is the reasoning for injecting in the calf? Just for a different spot to stick or is there a thought can it cause an effect on the muscle that it is injected in? For some reason that just sounds painful to me, more so than the thigh. I can’t say shit though as I haven’t injected anything before.

Just a different location is all. I inject daily so wanting numerous spots.

Figured. Wanted to make sure in case there was a study out now stating it may have an effect on injected muscle directly. If there was I would be pushing to get on injections and off the cream LOL.