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Anyone in the UK Like Some Free Syringes?

Good morning all,

I’ve switched my protocol from deep IM to subq and I’ve tried various syringes and needle sizes along the way. I therefore have a few boxes that I no longer want and I thought I might try giving them away instead of throwing them away. Please let me know if you’re interested. This is what I have -

1ml reduced dead space syringe luer slip x 150 ish
1ml 27g 1/2" fixed needle syringe x 130 ish
2.5ml standard syringe luer lock x 17
25g x 1" needles x 150
25g x 5/8" needles half a box
26g x 1/2" needles half a box
27g x 1/2" needles half a box
23g x 1 1/2" needles half a box

I will post FOC to anyone in the UK.

Best regards.

I’d be interested in this but not comfortable giving my address to a stranger on the internet… which is a shame as I could do with some.

Mind if I ask where you buy them from? I’ve put a couple of threads asking about best places to buy from and not really got any UK responses.

I’ve used Medisave a couple of times and Exchangesupplies.org about a dozen times. Happy to recommend both.


Another UK +1 for medisave.