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Anyone in the Pittsburgh Area Have a Good Doctor Recommendation?

After reading through the finding a good doctor sticky I am definitely going to move in a different direction from my current doctor. My personal doc recommended looking into an endocrinologist. I received one recommendation for a testosterone resurgence clinic in Indiana, PA. I am curious if anyone else from to local area happens to be in here. It’s looking possible that I could have a thyroid issue as well so I’m not sure if they deal with both.

I am going to contact the guy that recommended the clinic, just wondered if there are any others in the vicinity. I don’t want to waste money and hours in a facility that isn’t taking me seriously, nor do I want to take my self into a shoot em’ up shop.

Thanks for any info.

Did you read the “Finding a TRT doctor” sticky that I pointed you to in your original thread/topic?

Most TRT interactions with endo’s are disasters.

I am one of the owners of TRC, we do prefer to run a thyroid panel with the initial lab work. If it turns out that your thyroid is the problem we do not handle that issue. If you have any questions about us feel free to send me a private message