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Anyone in the Chicago Area?

Hey all,

Anyone use and recommend a doctor in the northern burbs to downtown Chicago for TRT? TIA!

Do you have blood work already or do you need that done as well?

I know you recommended a guy in Lombard but that would be a pain to drive to. I have only had the Total Testosterone test completed at this time and it came back 1.47 ng/dl where norm is 2.0 to 8.0.

Thank you,

Sucks that would be a trek, as I work in Hillside its an easy drive. The link you post prior is probably a good place to start, $200 a month is about what all of TRT clinics cost when you average it out and they are local.

I know this is an old post but I’m in Chicago looking for a good TRT as well. I live in the southwest burbs but I’m willing to drive for a good doctor. Ideally someone that takes insurance if possible lol.

I use Dr. Daniel Berger at North Star Medical.

Let me start off that I am not gay and do not have AIDS. I only mention that because people look up his site and see that he works with many gay men and patients with AIDS. I’m on 75mg 2X/week. Dr. Berger takes insurance and will prescribe any other meds that are needed. He’s on the Northside of Chicago in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Will he prescribe AI and HCG? I don’t know if I will need that yet but I was just wondering in case it comes to that.

When he does labs does he run TT, FT, E2, SHBG, Prolactin, PSA?

Yes. He’ll prescribe any meds that you need. I’m only on TRT. No other meds have been needed except some meds for acne due to the TRT.

He runs a complete blood panel. I now see him every 3-4 months and they send me home with my injections.

Also, there is a Walgreens next to his office so any meds you may need you walk out with.

Ok thx for your help

Is he knowledgeable ? Or do you have to somewhat treat yourself ??