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Anyone in the Chicago Area?


Hello all

Hey guys I was looking for a little help.. I live in the burbs of Chicago.. I was wondering if anyone from illinois lived near me.. Had some Questions asfar as gains go.. Please PM Me if you dont mind.. Thanks


I don't live in Illinois but I'll pm you info on steroids I have for sale. I'm not too bright, so I'll put my freedom in jeopardy to make some money off someone I've never met. Especially someone with your amount of subtle brilliance on a first post...


I'm guessing he's from Wisconsin originally. Probably a Packers fan. Cheeseheads are none too bright.


First off C@#! Gobbler!! Believe me, my level of brilliance is greater then yours!! My Bankroll & portfolio can speak for itself. I never mentioned the word Steroid!! You must be young and naive.. If I had, im sure my ?, never would have been posted.. I was actually really looking for someone at my level of training in my surrounding area.. The rest of the questions are of a private matter! People that assume anything are wrong most of the time!


Haha, this is awesome! Looking in the steroid section of a worldwide forum for a local training partner. I'm sure you've got a great portfolio with your level of sharp reasoning...


cock gobbler. havent heard that since 7th grade. nice one.

in addition to your bankroll, your e-penis is also quite large. kudos to you on both fronts.


and in case you werent aware, this isnt a source board.

if youre looking to buy steroids go to one of the boards that condone such activity.


yeah cuz you gobbled 7th grade cocks


Stick to your day job. Humor isn't a strong suit of yours.