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Anyone In Raleigh, NC?


I need to find a good gym. Sale me on your gym or one you may have visited.


I guess not.


I just moved to Raleigh a little over a month ago. The subdivision I live in provides a gym for free, the Hedingham Athletic Club. I'm not sure how much it is for those who don't live in the neighborhood. It's nothing spectacular (especially after having a kickass homegym in my buddy's garage back in Michigan), but there are some good good lifters there who are there for one reason: to get jacked. Other than that, haven't really went out looking for another place yet as money's still an issue. What part of Raleigh u in, anyways?


I live between ncsu and wade ave. I have looked around at a few places this week. I checked out the central y, Peak fitness, Gold's, and planet fitness. I want to checkout an independent called powerhouse downtown and also beyond fitness.

Planet Fitness didn't allow deadlifts or oly lifts and had weight limits, peak just left a bad taste in my mouth, and the y has a lot of construction going on that may be an issue. Gold's was nice, but a bit of a drive. I got a couple day passes to everywhere but planet. I plan on trying them out to get a feel. I had hoped someone might have some personal experiences.


I'm not in Raleigh, but not too far away in Salisbury, NC. We actually have a decent YMCA, plenty of free iron and racks. So you might want to check into the Raleigh Y.


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You do know posts are screened here, and are not posted immediately, just entertain this for one second it may be possible that your post didn't show up when he replied. I know, I know it sounds far-fetched but it just could be.


I didn't realize there is almost a two hour time delay. Sorry.


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It's no big deal, I apologize if I sounded like I was on the rag.

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Bump-up, For anyone in Raleigh with any gymnasium recommendations for xan.