Anyone in Phoenix, Arizona?

Hey guys, long time no see…joined the forums a few years ago to get in shape and sadly havent still, been working two jobs and finishing up a engineering degree. Well good news is that I am graduating and got a job. This means I will actually have enough money to eat more than hotpockets and canned beans!!! I want to know a few things, first anyone from around the Tempe/Phoenix area? I want to find someone who will be able to help whip my ass into shape be it workout partner or a trainer who can meet up once a week to go over my performance, luckily when I get on a program I can follow it to a T :-p (even will give up guiness and alcohol if need be).

Secondly moving up to tempe area(for the ASU women) and want to know if anyone knows the area. I will be working for a company called Pegasus Solutions(out of Scottsdale), got hired and haven’t even had a face to face interview, so I know nothing of the corporation.

Any help you guys can or want to give I will hugely appreciate it. If there are any trainers in phx that want a good project let me know.

I was gone, but I plan on coming back to the site with a vengence


I used to live and work in the area but it’s been a few years. If you have any questions fire away or shoot me a PM.