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Anyone in Marin County, CA?


Just wondering if there's anyone out there in Marin County, California, who's into Olympic lifts. I'm trying to find a gym to work on these at, but can't find one other than Crossfit places - I don't want to do Crossfit and I can't really work around their schedule. I know Gold's Gym in Corte Madera has a platfrom and bumper plates, but they don't let you drop weights and it's too crowded in there too.

Anyone know of a place in San Rafael, or around that area? If not, anyone interested in starting some kind of co-op type gym where we find enough people to chip in for rent on a small warehouse?


Also, I've set up a meet-up page here to try to gather people who'd be into this. Please join if your in Marin and are looking for a better place to train!