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Anyone in Korea???

I’m thinking about going to Korea on a teaching contract this fall. Have any of you done this? Any of you there now? How hard is it to get various “supplements” there?

I teach english in Seoul, (though I’m not juiced) its very easy to buy directly from pharmacies. If you come here, buy your own ticket to Seoul and look for a job when you land. If you set up a job from America you are inviting disaster (teaching kids, small towns, lousy salary …)good luck

Hey thanks T. Where are you from originally anyhow? Many other westerners over there?

Haven’t tried it myself, but I know a few people who’ve taught over there (I assume you’re talking about teaching English), and they ALL say that Japan is better. For what it’s worth.

Toronto. Lots of westerners in Seoul, not in the hinterlands though