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Anyone in Ft. Worth/Anyone in Ft. Worth Know any Good Gyms


I'll be in the Ft. Worth area shortly and am looking for someone to work out with and/or someone to have sex with. Please note, no homo sex. I can do male or female workout buddy, but no go on go time with male bed buddy.

Ideally a female with a bitching home gym and a bitching sex drive would be my first choice...second choice would be a female with a bitching sex drive whose husband/boyfriend/dad/brother has a bitching home gym and doesn't mind me using his weights and/or his woman.

I really appreciate the T-Nation helping me out with this. I've got a meet coming up in December and can't afford to miss any workouts. I also have never had sex in Texas, so you'd be helping me keep my lifts up, while knocking a state off the map.

Thanks everyone. I know we all have my best interests at heart.






its in Ft.W....short drive to downtown and I'm sure you can find a hooker.