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Anyone in Charlottesville

Hey all, just wondering if any of you guys were in the UVA/Charlottesville area. I’ve been looking for a steady workout partner and haven’t been having luck.

Hey bro. I’m going to UVa this year and I am looking for a hardcore gym to do some serious powerlifting. If you go there or know of a place that is PL-friendly, my buddy and I would be glad to lift with you. Another lifter is always welcome. PM me.


Unless you have a home gym, the best place will probably be Memorial Gymnasium at UVA. It has two squat racks. Bands are OK, chalk if you’re not too messy. If you rent a semester locker you won’t have to lug chains in a car or bus, just keep them there. I’ve met a couple guys here who do compete in PL. I’m doing PL based workouts myself.

If you’re not a student or employee, you can’t get in except as someone’s guest, and then it’s 5$ for a day pass.