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Anyone in a Band?


I was wondering how many lifters on here are also musicians or in a band. I've always felt music and lifting really go hand and hand. Leave a link so I can check you out. Here's mine if your interested, www.myspace.com/cutternuxon and it's rock.


Yes, I am a geetar player and I love Telecasters. Huge Danny Gatton fan.


Ive been known to play a few instruments in my time


I actually have a lesson to learn to play the drums in a week, i’m excited.


two bands: “standard procedure” which is death metal and “music delivered rapture” which is a solo project that utilizes keyboards, guitar, and MIDI. kind of a post rock type deal. ill be on myspace in a couple of days and ill post a link. if u feel like helping me out in a music competition then you should go to www.kongregate.com and look up “grenadehead” and give it a 5 star rating. ; )


[quote]strungoutboy21 wrote:
I actually have a lesson to learn to play the drums in a week, i’m excited.[/quote]

Drum set?

Honestly taking lessons for the drum set just made me hate it. They made me practice with all this gay ass music and half the time I went to the place they made me play on rubber pads b/c the drums were too loud, retarded.

I think it’s best to just learn on the snare drum and then just learn the rest on your own. Most of the things you do on drum set will be by ear anyways.


I played bass in an original rock band from '84 through '89.
Haven’t played since, but I really miss it. I need to find some old guys who live near me who want to play some heavy sludge ala early Melvins, Soundgarden, Pelican.