Anyone Homebrew Test E in Australia?

Who here is Australian and homebrews?

I have done so in the past. Extremely cheap, easy and cost effective.
Due to being busted for possession, I have to go for legal, prescribed testosterone now.

6 weeks TRT dose $95. I could easily run a whole year or more of homebrew for the same price.

If you can safely get the raws it would be a viable option for you as testosterone is rarely faked.
It will be safe if you filter it properly.
Be warned you will get in serious trouble if you sell or give it away to friends. Even personal use will end you up with a criminal record for possession

If it’s possible to talk about and you don’t mind talking about it… How did you get caught? Was it that you happened to have it on you at the wrong place & time?

Hey man thanks for getting back to me, it’s really appreciated I’ve done one before as I planned to continue to cycle and it’s much more cost effective that way however I’ve used a source from China and I’m not %100 but I believe it was underdosed so I’m trying to find a source someone has used before and can recommend that way I know I’m getting what I pay for

I was interested in getting into gunsmithing and I was collecting random gun parts from various guns, mostly WW2 era. I didn’t have any receivers and none of the parts could be assembled, let alone be working weapons. It drew the attention of the police, who raided my house thinking I might be manufacturing firearms, unauthorised. During the search they saw my vials of anabolics sitting on a bookshelf.

The police were pretty cool about things when they heard my explanation about what I was doing and why. Nonetheless about 3 out of 100 parts were deemed prohibited, a used barrel from an antique single shot rifle-martini cadet, a trigger mechanism to an M1 Garand(my favourite piece), and a bolt from semi auto rifle. You folks in the States would laugh at it, as all these parts are available without a licence because there is no threat of forming a weapon without a receiver, which are pretty impossible to get in Australia without a licence.
I had 8 vials, only about 3 of which were relatively full, the rest had about 1ml left in them that was difficult to draw, and I just hadn’t thrown them away.

When the facts were known, the magistrate wasn’t too worried and accepted I had a genuine interest in weapons, and history. I didn’t get fined, but the firearms laws are draconian in my state, so I got the mandatory 10 year ban from holding a firearms licence, despite the fact that no violence was involved(5 year ban in other states to my knowledge), and a criminal record.

They didn’t seem too bothered by the steroids, as I wasn’t dealing.
I figure no more breaking the law from me, as if there was a next time the authorities won’t be as forgiving, to someone who hasn’t learned their lesson.

You always risk it ordering raws from overseas. Australia has a pretty top notch customs force eventually you will get busted. Safer if you can find a local domestic source for raws. A lot more expensive, no doubt.

My experience from china is that it was all legit or at least had some type of active steroid. Look for sides like oily skin, itchy nipples, hair loss. If you get these symptoms(dose dependent) you know your test is working. Whether it was underdosed slightly I don’t know. My legit script gear feels a little stronger, but that’s not very scientific.

One cycle is not enough to judge, sometimes a guys need 2-3 cycles before they really start seeing good results. It can take time to dial in what’s good for you and for you to recognise when a strength surge comes.

Testosterone is easily available not commonly faked unlike many of the rarer more expensive steroids like primobolan. I had the feeling that the primo I got was probably a mix of masteron and test prop. I didn’t feel any of the primo magic, low side effects, it just felt like more testosterone.

For home testing raw steroid powder the melt test is a very reliable means. If they were to cut or dilute the raw then that would effect the temperature where it melts unless they happen to have a cutting agent that melts at the same temp as test enanthate or test cypionate or test propionate. The trick is getting something that can get to and hold an exact Temperature accurately. Those laser thermometers are usually pretty accurate so you could put a sample in a pan and put it on the stove. Then just sit there watching the thermometer go up until the desired temp. I actually found a digital controlled hot plate ment for industrial stuff or electronics. I think they sold it as a way to hear up cell phones to melt the glue before you take them apart to fix the screens. You can dial in a temp and it will just go to that temp and hold it within +or- one degree. The digital hot plates ment for labs are expensive but the "cell phone* one was like $80 so I don’t know what that is in Australian. If you get a hot plate that can hold an exact temp then you slowly go up in temp and watch to see if part of your sample melts early or if part doesn’t melt within the known melting ranges for that hormone and ester.

Ok cool I’ll have a look at the melt test, its just weird because first cycle I was like counting the days too the next jab and was stacking the weight on this time round it’s not even close to last time and I front loaded as well as upped the dose

I’d home-brew but I fear a lack of sterility within the conditions of which I produce said products from would result in potentially life threatening adverse reactions upon injection. I live on a farm… Where am I gonna brew? My bathroom? Not sterile enough in nature, I’d wish for an enclosed, clinically sterilised environment. I imagine the sources of which I acquire gear from (aside from pharm grade) aren’t much better but I’ll be damned if I seriously think I can create a better environment than most UGL’s…

The way you brew it actually has three or four times where you sterilize it. Is it as sterile as a pharma lab, no but with a little prep and attention to detail it can be very close.
The benzyl alcohol kills anything, so does the benzyl benzoate but you don’t use it for that, then you heat and depending on how hot that can kill anything as well, then you filter with a 0.22u filter and that’s fine enough for bacteria and what not (industry standard use to be 0.45 but they realized there was something able to get through), then you bottle it. I use pre sterilized and sealed vials that after I fill I then bake at 225-250 again killing most anything that might have somehow made it through the filtering.
I wouldn’t try to sterilize my own vials nor would I use the filter set up that I had to sterilize, mine are presealed use and discard set ups.

I do agree that trying to sterilize your own vials and filters would be fool hearty.

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Yeah it’s a sad fact, no subsequent cycle is ever like that first one. Don’t bother trying to chase that dragon. Concentrate on “as long as I can still gain at X then I don’t need to add another gram of hormones per week.” There is this theory in medicine about meds that cause a tolerance and basically once you have a tolerance it takes twice the dose to get the same result. To some degree this is tru-ish with AAS. I need to very clearly state this, no one should be doubling their dose on the second, third, fourth, fifth cycle ect… IF you are just running test then maybe by around your tenth cycle (provided you were using properly and either proper recovery or proper cruise time and dose) then around the tenth cycle you could be significantly higher than your first but really with diminishing returns I can’t say a regular Joe needs to be on a gram of test per week.
The preferred method in my mind is proper doses of new combinations of compounds. Basically every where else in life 1+1 equals 2 but with AAS 1+1 can equal 3 or 3.50. Please keep in mind that usually the first time with any compound will be your best response per mg. So don’t go and try to use everything one after another, space them out and use that first time strategically. And ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS try tren last.