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Anyone Hit All Reps in Month 3 of BBB Challenge?

Anyone here ever hit all their reps across on the BP on the 3 month challenge, month 3?

This is the second time I have ran it, and both times have failed to hit my BP/SOHP numbers.

Just curious if anyone here has actually hit them.

Are you having issues just with the BBB sets or with the main work as well?

If your speaking only about the BBB work, Are you missing reps on all sets or just the final couple sets?

I have had issues on maybe the final training session with the overhead press, and I assume I probably needed to set my TM lower. If I recall I probably had it at 85% but it likley needed to be set to 80% or even lower at 77%.

I am missing the BBB sets only. BP BBB sets I hit all reps for 3 sets and then am hitting 7, and 6. 43 Total reps in 5 sets. I add sets to make up missed reps get my total 50 reps.

Squats and Deads, though tough, I am hitting all sets.

Just curios to see if anyone here has been able to hit reps across on this challenge for the final months BBB sets on pressing movements.

It’s not called a challenge for no reason.


Fair enough. It is a challenge. I guess that is why I am wondering if anyone has completed it.

5x10 @ 70% is tough. Especially for OHP. Not to mention you’re now 15lbs above you starting TM. I would just drop the TM. Maybe 80 or 85% to start. Might seem easy at first but its a challenge that builds to that 3rd cycle.

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I agree. I think keeping the TM the same throughout the 3 month challenge would be more doable on pressing movements. I honestly don’t think more rest time would have netted me more reps either, with in reason of course.

I might try a combo of actually doing the plus sets, keeping training max same as month 1, and seeing how that works for my third time around next year.

Thank you for the replies.