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Anyone Hire a Diet Coach?


I was wondering if anyone on here has had a personal diet plan made up by a Coach/Nutritionist?trainer and if so what was the experience like.

I somehow suspect that if I sat down with an expert who understood MMA, shift work, supplements, and possibly even steroids and we worked out goals, shopping lists, recipes, supplementation plans etc it would really take me to a whole new level.

Part of me thinks this might be a waste of time....I mean why not just read the forums and think for myself? But then I think about how effective coaching has been for me in other aspects of my training and think, maybe it would really be an investment?

Anyway if anyone has some input on this, let me know.


i work with people such as yourself, they usually see profound changes, but i suspect it is because they are willing to follow a plan more closely because they paid lots of money for it. now there are many good psychological reasons for this, but if you can follow a plan, then i would try to do it myself first.

on the flip side, many times a disinterested party will be able to see things you missed that may seem trivial.

either way, my recommendation is you work with someone who gives ongoing support as these things take time to dial in and anyone selling you an upfront plan is just in it for the cash grab.

whether you go it alone or want a coach, i suggest Precision Nutrition. once you are on the forum, you have access to many good coaches in your area to choose from and they are using dr. Berardi's approach like i do.

as an example, recently my own sister finally approached me as a client rather than getting free advice. it took her less than 2 weeks to get on track with a program that fit her and allowed for all activities/work etc without being a major hassle. the results were over a kilogram a week fat loss with increased exercise performance.

make sure that if you hire a coach they are a fit for you not someone else and that they work with you instead of giving you a plan that worked for someone else. good luck