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Anyone Here Workout Really Early? (4am)


It’s an understandable concept, but I feel like during the time period where my body is adapting to just getting right into the workout without any stretching, I would injure myself every damn workout.


Right, and that’s exactly how I don’t want to be. I don’t want to need to stop and stretch and warm up when my daughter challenges me to a race or to see how far I can jump on the playground to avoid pulling a hamstring. If you train your body that it always gets a long mobility warm up before anything strenuous, I’d agree you’ll eventually require it to keep from getting hurt. However, if you never do stretching and mobility work, suddenly adding it before a max out squat session could probably get you hurt too.

It’s like lifting with a belt. If you’ve never used one, adding it for the first time before a really heavy lift is a recipe for disaster just as much as it is for a person who always uses one to suddenly ditch it. It’s not that either way is wrong, it’s just about necessity for your goals and doing what you like.


Its an interesting point, but I disagree. Weights do not equal bodyweight. The warm up I’m often doing is bodyweight movements or plyometrics. I’ve never found a couch or China cabinet where I needed a belt or warm up either.


Well, I do some warmup and even “stretching”, I just do it with the movement I’m training and do the minimum I need to find/grease the groove which is considerably less than what most people do. I’d also note that I already have all the mobility I want. For example I want and need the hip mobility to full squat, and as long as I’m full squatting I’m not losing it. So why train to increase mobility into a range I don’t care about? If I wanted to full squat and couldn’t already do it, I’d have to do something else to get what I needed for that goal.

I don’t see the barbell as that different. For clarity, bodyweight stuff would be jumping and sprinting? You don’t think the same sort of mobility/stretching is applicable for max/high effort sprinting or jumping or maybe even throwing?

I’ve got some crane rigging shackles you might not want to take a crack at without your normal weightlifting warm ups and belts though. Much less helping maneuver a 3000 pound hook block or control a 100,000+ pound load with guide lines. I even put a couch in storage a week ago that might give you pause (I had to carry and stack it by myself) and it wasn’t even a sleeper. They’d certainly be challenging enough to put you at higher risk without your dependencies. But that’s me and if you aren’t ever lifting anything challenging outside of a gym, then that may be fine for you. Back when I was in full powerlifting, warm up, caffeine, belt, knee wraps, ammonia, mode I got hurt a lot more outside the gym.


We can definitely agree on this. My training is no longer this aggressive in terms of intensity or supportive gear.

The more “traditional warm up” in my warm up are related to mobility that I’m lacking. My shoulders and forearms/wrists are not where I’d like them to be. That might be our primary difference.


Also, I pick up 4’x8’ sheets of material weighing from 80-200 lbs regularly for work. No where is really good to grab them, at least for me with average length arms.

Silliest thing I’ve helped someone move (or at least silliest way I helped move something) was an old cast iron piano. I got underneath it, rested the widest part I could find on my back, and crawled with it upba few flights of stairs while two guys helped stabilize on each end.

I’m a bit of am odd duck. I’m pretty sure I could do a farmers/frame carry with 600+ lbs, especially taking grip out of the equation. My other lifts don’t really match up to that level.


Yeah no different to training at 0500 0600 0700.

Set your bedtime back by the extra hours.

Get the same sleep.

Follow your same morning protocol.

Your body will only take a couple of weeks to adapt.


My morning workout time varies due to my bizarre work schedule (24 hour shifts). I try to be at the gym by 545 and lift for an hour to an hour fifteen minutes max. I can lift heavy but no high intensity stuff. I limit my time between sets to make up for the intensity. I’m pretty tired before, during and after the workouts but it’s worth it as I’m getting older. I consume little to no food prior - a banana, glass of almond milk or a big glass of ice water.


Yep! I find early is the only time I can find the motivation. I’m an early riser anyways, so I find it works best. That, and if I give myself enough time to sit around and wake myself up, I’m bound to find any excuse I can to not work out. Early bird catches the worm and also the workout, it seems.