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Anyone Here Who Took Accutane During Teenage Years?


Hmmmm I think it might actually be the guy with Klinefelters, esp considering they’re the same age. I’ll bite tho, I know a few who take Roaccutane for acne, doesn’t seem to have any major impacts on their life besides dry lips, that being said the doses being employed now are far lower than the original prescribing guidelines, they take veeerrry low doses, I think like 10mg/day, takes a while too see effect however it worked like a charm for all the kids I know who took it. Periodic bloods were needed for liver enzymes, triglycerides and cholesterol though, it’s a fairly harsh drug that isn’t without its risks, even at low dosages.

The shoulder stuff… God damn dude, you’ve wasted so much time talking about shoulders that could’ve been spent working out in the gym doing … Shoulders.


So it shouldn’t have any impact on clavicle length?


Did you read anything here? Accutane specifically targets the clavicle and not only stops it’s growth, but shrinks it. If you take enough of that stuff, your shoulders will eventually touch each other.


There was a guy a while back that took too much accutane and suffocated from the heads of his humerus punching into his windpipe.


Obviously I’m ignoring all the shenanigans in the hope of getting serious reply at least.only reason I’m asking is because I know it closes growth plates prematurely and i want to know if someone here experienced this. At 19
and a half i‘m fairly sure I was done growing in height but I read that the clavicles keep growing until mid 20s


Do you have a picture of yourself?


Here the issue… there has been a now infamous thread regarding clavicle length and getting surgery too lengthen it. So many on here are assuming your Trolling.


Or he is on his 4th different account knowing full well that as soon as his previous names pop up, that all form of legitimacy gets thrown out the window

Did some extended research, apparently it’s a common procedure for doctors to prescribe the use of accetane with the diagnosis of klinefelters due to the hormone change

I mean, what an absolute coincidence!!?!?!


I read that if your clavicle are too short you are more likely to be attacked by bears. Reason being is that your nipples are too close together and when you raise your arms to look bigger it makes your torso look like a narrow eyed prey animal. This drives the bear into a frenzy and makes it want to rip your guts out. :bear:


HIGH doses of accutane have been known to prematurely fuse ephysial plates in teenagers, however I can show you a study that demonstrates roughly 80% of clavicle growth is complete by the time a boy reaches the age of twelve… By age 19 the amount of growth you’d have left (statistically) is miniscule, so… does a few millimetres of clavicle growth beat permenant acne scarring (I assume you must have pretty bad acne if you’re getting accutane).

I’m not sure why you care about the length of you’re clavicles so much, you’ve commented on them a few times on different accounts, is it like OCD where you can’t stop obsessing about something (if so I totally get it, I worry about my heart and other things all the time, the thoughts can get obsessive, I find the best way to get rid of these obsessive thoughts is to throw on some heavy music and go to the gym for a few hours. Everyone has a different fix for it, but that’s my fix).

I SWEAR, working you’re delts will eliminate the look of narrowness, I know you’re that klinefelters dude and that pic you posted of the dude with narrow shoulders isn’t a realistic representation of what someone who works their ass off with narrow shoulders looks like, plus he was holding weights in the pic, so you have no idea what he looks like standing upright with normal posture. Assuming you’re joints don’t suck like mine, work on overhead pressing with lat raises and rear delt flies, when you can OHP like 225 lbs the problem will correct itself haha.


My teenage nephew just did a couple of years of the stuff. He looked a bit mangy with dry, peeling lips, and it scabbed up his acne. His clavicles went from narrow to pretty fuckin impressively wide(as he went from 14-16). Now that he’s finished his cycle his skin looks awesome.


I got prescribed accutane around 17-18 ish. Took it for like 6 months? No absolute clue what that did to my shoulders. They were wide and broad before medication, they’re still wide and broad now. Acne is still here. It’s moved from being concentrated on my cheeks to my fucking forehead. So there’s that.


I am 17 and currently on acutane, so I might have the most accurate answers for you. In terms of aches and pains, I felt my lower body stayed pretty much fine but my shoulders would ache like a mf and i felt a tightness in my shoulders and wrapping around my chest that ached after heavy sets when I was breathing heavy.

All in all, it hasn’t really effected me to the point I’ve had to miss workouts, but I would advise you just listen to your body and if you need a break, take it.


I took accutane but it made me hold up shoes when taking pictures, so I stopped.


Accutane is known to cause joint and muscle pain, hence why I never took it. Can also fuck with hormones, triglycerides and liver function, they use lower doses now so these sides are less likely, still if I had any more joint pain I’d probably go back to taking painkillers (prescribed) but I hate them because they make me spacey and nauseous so I don’t take them.


I took Accutane for 4 years it. Made my acne go away but my shoulders got so narrow they started rubbing together in the center of my back… I went to jaurez Mexico and got the surgery done for real cheap… The result my shoulders were so big I wasn’t allowed back into the u.s. Because they thought I was a Mac truck carrying cocaine. Moral of the story go to Tijuana not Juarez for your surgery