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Anyone Here Who Took Accutane During Teenage Years?


I’m looking for guys who took accutane during adolescents. At what age did you take it? What was your dose? Did it have any impact on your growth (especially on shoulder development)? Do you have shorter/narrower clavicles compared to other male family members? I took it at age 19 1/2 for 5 months (first 5 months 20 mg, 60 mg for one months afterwards) and I heard guys shoulders grow until mid 20s so I’m not sure what to think of this


Oh boy here we go :unamused:


Nope. Knew some kid that took it though and it killed his balls.


What’s the plan here? If we tell you that your shoulders do continue to grow into your mid twenties are you going to untake the medicine you already took?


what the fuck is up with these clavicle questions? are there really that many people obsessed with clavicle length out there in the real world, or are we just seeing the same guy over and over again under different names?


Im going with same mother fucker


This. I almost feel bad about the upcoming shit storm, because it’s got to be some sort of mental disorder thing. Thread should be shut down pronto imo.


Well I never said I was playing with a full deck of cards!! And I admit to being slightly passive aggressive.


If anyone thinks they’re not missing a card or two, look harder!!!





I went to google “clavicle lengthening” to see some before and after pictures and just to see if it’s an actual procedure, and it is, but that’s not what’s so amazing.

When you google it, one of the first pictures that pop up on the main search is @flipcollar !!!

He may have posted it in an ironic manner to rip on the OP of another clavicle thread, but he is literally now the poster boy and face of clavicle lengthening surgery for all those interested. Nobody’s going to inspect it further or see that he didn’t actually get it, they’ll search it, and think, “hey, he looks pretty good after getting his clavicles smashed and reconstructed!”

It’s not even in the images section. It’s just what comes up when you search all. So jelly right now.


His dirty secret is out!!


HOLY SHIT!! Thats the first image that popped up on my goggle images also!!!:laughing:
Oh the irony!


He should be getting some internet money or something. At least some passes for free Google searches.


Sadly, gps tracker, gps tracker girlfriend, gps tracker cheating does not yield any fruit.


That is fantastic.



I scrolled down a little on the google image search and found 3 more pictures of me, 2 pictures I’ve posted of 18 year old me, and then the picture I took like a month before I got on gear. That’s awesome.


also, I remember that thread. I posted before and after pictures to essentially show that a person who is genetically predisposed to being narrow (me at 18) can become wide (me now) just by lifting. I was trying to be encouraging. Then I had to post the ‘before steroids’ picture to show that it could be done naturally. lol


Oh, I remember it too. Literally all of your posts were to prove that it’s an unnecessary procedure. But instead of google picking up on that, it pastes your picture with a caption that’s actually the title of the thread. In the end, you might be the very reason that somebody decides to go through that procedure. It will be renamed the flipoplasty.