Anyone Here Used Test/Tren/Winny for Bulking?

Please share you experience with this combo if you have and suggested dosage/length or any tips. Thanks!

I’m planning to do Test E/Cyp (high), Tren E (mod) & Winny for bulking next month. I did Test P (low), Tren A (high), Mast & Adrol for cutting last year.

Thats my favourite combo for everything… Tren is my favourite injectable and stanazolol is my favourite oral.
Not sure what “high” , “low” , “mod” means for you…

Imo, doing high test is not necessary if on tren because tren is the muscle builder anyways. At the moment i do 350 test, 280 tren… Not taking winny but if i would, id take it either 50mgs a day for 8 weeks or blast around 75 for 4-6 weeks, depending on what i wanna do.

But u know, the dosages depend on the person, weight, and overall level, so whats high for one, is low for someone else.
Without your stats and pictures its pretty pointless to discuss dosages.

Thanks, man! I’m 5’7”, 170 lbs, more than 15% body fat (I already started bulking up last month off-cycle).

You’ve used it for bulking? I was told Tren and Test can’t be high at the same time, and for bulking Hi test is ideal—isn’t that the case? I did High Tren and Low Test for cutting so I thought it made sense to do the reverse?

FWIW I’ve never used those harsh compounds and put on considerably more mass at the same height. Test or test/mast or test/primo have been my preferred route in the past. Side effects are way less on these.



Thanks! What was your dosage and what kind of Test? I’ll consider that. And how was your water retention? Any fat gain? :blush:

Typically my go to was 400mg Test / 300mg mast. No AI as the mast already takes care of the nipple issues and Test wasn’t typically high enough for a lot of water retention. Biggest side effects are poor lipids which you don’t really feel.

Yes, i remember you from the other thread now.

Not to be an asshole but i believe you are not looking for info, but for some sort of approval that you should take what you have decided to take.

The honest answer you dont wanna hear is - you can gain a lot of size on 200mgs of test, just cruising for a year. If someone is 170lbs, and he has done steroids, there are 2 options.
1)Either food intake is off.
2)Either training is off which happens very rarely.
3)You have such horrible genetics, there is just no point for you to even try.

If a natty would tell me that his best weight is 170lbs at 15% bodyfat and hed say that he has done EVERYTHING right, id suggest him to chose a different hobby if he is interested in results.

Steroids are PEDs or - performance ENHANCING drugs, not a REPLACING drugs. Maybe i am mistaken but since you are not sharing any pictures, i cant tell - maybe your overall look is super awesome due to genetics, but i was always a believer that if someone has something to show, they will without being asked, haha.


Sure they can, im just not sure that test will shine if tren is in the system.

And what would you do if you did 300 and 300 of test and tren? What would you reverse then? Im not seeing the logic of reversing dosages you picked out yourself. Like - you just did one high, one low… you could have done them the other way and then want to reverse it for a cut? I dont see how this works outside the way you just pick dosages.