Anyone Here Used HGH to Heal Injured Tendons/Ligament?

Ok here is my story. Im 25 6’2 180lbs. Ive worked out since I was 13, never had trouble putting on muscle before I was injured. 3 years ago I was 196lbs about 6 percent body fat. now Im 180 and 10 percent body fat. Ive lost a ton of muscle and cant do anything about it. I have a bad elbow, shoulder, wrist, and knee. hell even my back hurts sometimes. Ive seen ever doc in 100 mile radius and they just say Ive been too rough on my body…WTF

Anyways Im considering using HGH to possible heal some of these injures so that I can start exercising again, This is literally driving me to a state of depression. I would give anything to be able to train again. If anyone can give me some input it would be much appreciated.

Oh and I have a supplier and he swears that HGH healed his partially torn ACL.

Thanks in advance

I don’t know much about HGH, but I know that there is not enough detail in your post.

  1. What was/were the injury(ies) specifically?

  2. How much and what do you eat?

  3. How much and when do you sleep?

  4. Do you have any chronic conditions?

  5. Do you have external stressors that may be depressing you?


Thanks for the response, Ill try to answer these with more detail.

  1. Injuries are tennis elbow wich has led to radial tunnel syndrome in right elbow(started while bench pressing 3 years ago and never went away, tried surgery, cortisone, and therapy), TFCC tear in left wrist(resulted from picking up a car jack at work, had surgery 2 years ago), Torn ACL and miniscus cartlige in right knee(Has surgery 10 years ago, and again 4 years ago), Right schoulder impingement( have no idea, started a year ago and has gotten worse)

  2. I eat about 4 meals a day. I dont watch what I eat like I use to, but I still try to keep my protein intake high, and my sweets to a minimum, no sodas, coffee in the a.m.

  3. I usually sleep about 6-7 hours a night from 12:00am -7:00am

  4. All the injuries I listed in #1 are chronic. I have had them from 1-4 years. My elbow and shoulder are the most aggravating. They flare up with any upperbody exercising

  5. The daily pain and not being able to train is extremely stressful and depressing

I am taking HGH to lean out, but I was also hoping it would help my knees.

I have had three knee surgeries, one ACL and two meniscus repairs. I have virtually no meniscus in my left knee and I was hoping the HGH would at the very least regenerate the bone that grinds off when I do impact exercises and maybe regenerate the cartilage too.

I hear that in order to actually grow stuff with HGH you need to be on a very high dosage. I can’t afford these ridiculous amounts, and I am on more of a fat burning dosage (2-3 ius a day 5 on 2 off).

As for the elbow thing, I have heard HGH can CAUSE tendinitis and it definitely give me joint pains in my elbows and a strange radiating tingling pain that starts in my armpit area and goes down my arm. I think its along where my Lymph nodes are. It kind of worries me, but it only happens for about 2 hours after an injection.

Has anyone else had armpit or possibly lymph node pain from HGH?

OP - try speaking with BBB, he is the resident injury consultant. He will prob be able to help you a lot with your specific needs.


I hear you pain man - I too have been battling tennis elbow for the last year as well as some serious shoulder issues for about 10 years. Tennis elbow is the most frustrating thing ever and I spent $$$$ on all sorts of useless treatments including cortisone, physio, massage, chiro, ART - you name it, i did it. Nothing worked (ART did help a bit but man is it expensive). However on to the good news. I know nothing about HGH or steroids, and I stumbled on your post by searching for tennis elbow.

Eventually I went to see a doc who used to work on the ATP tour (figured she would have seen a few bad cases of tennis elbow). She prescribed eccentric exercises once a day 3X15 reps. I was sceptical. 7 months later I am back at the gym…only doing machines for upper body at the moment (still too scared to hold a heavy weight in my hand) by I’m stoked to be training again. I only missed doing the exercises about 10 times in 7 months so you have to be disciplined.

Try this site:

Good luck

i was shot a couple years back and requested hgh as it would have def. helped with the healing, but of course you can guess what the doctor said. Although he agreed it would heal it remarkably faster.

Hello everyone. I was reading this form and couldnt help but to sign up to put in my personal injuries and 2 cents on what Ive been doing to ease some of my day to day life pain expriences. I had a meniscus surgery to take out 20% of my meniscus tear in my right knee last August 19 2016… After the surgery I had considerable swelling so I started the physical therapy sessions 2 weeks after. I noticed that my range of motion was limited due to the swelling and stiffness and was hoping that it would disappear but that took some time.

To my nature I rushed back into sports close to 3 months after and ended up tearing my right knee in two separate locations, playing basketball. From the MRI the doctor said that they were stable tears and could heal on their own as long as I don’t do too much activities on it. Now almost 5 months later Im still dealing with my knee when i try to do some activites that has bending or squating or walking up the stairs its, almost as if its still torn so I was thinking about going to Mexico and getting a perscription of hgh to see if that can speed up the recovery process. I was hoping to see if someone else who has had any progress with the hgh and the knee, or there for any other cartlidge tear repair due to hgh.

I had a bad shoulder for a few years, I think it was from doing intense muscle ups and muscle up dips, i would do a wide range of advance exercises which lead to me hurting the right shoulder very badly, but heres the good news a few months back my coworker whos been dealing with the shoulder injury for a very long time ordered a book and in that book it described the shoulder and its function and how over time it deforms and showed a specfic exercise to readjust it to its normal contour and shape.

That exercise is dead hanging from the pull up bar looking straight ahead and repeating this exercise as much as you can handle if you cant hang your whole body weight then hang partially with your feet taking some of the weight off. Do this exercise on a daily base and I can bet you within 1 month you will heal that shoulder pain. It took me 2 weeks and my coworker 1 month to get rid of the shoulder pain. I hope that helps and I apologize for this long reply, new to writing in forms. Haha. I hope all of you the best and hope to hear back. I will try to find the title of the book. Cheers!

I use hgh for bodybuilding porposes, to get lean, higher IGF1 concentration, ok… but I’ve noted I just can’t stay injured! It’s a low dose (2/ 4ius) but i’ve been using this dose for about 2 years, non stop! When I hurt some part of my body, I can recover super fast, just like wolverine!!! haha…