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Anyone Here Use Xtend?


A bit pricey but is a good product, I have used it before with some noticable effects with fighting fatigue during workouts, has anyone up here used it with any success. Just looking for some feedback from a more serious group of lifters.


Isnt that the stuff that makes your penis hard?


[quote]BlackLabel wrote:
Isnt that the stuff that makes your penis hard?[/quote]

I think you’re thinking of extenze.


I started using it last year when I was doing mixed martial arts training 4 times a week along with 4 days of weight training at the recommendation of one of the more senior guys at the MMA gym I was training at, and I noticed a serious difference in my ability to recover. I still use it, but it is expensive. At my bodyweight they recommend 6 scoops before and during training, and then 2 scoops immediately after. If I was using that much every time I trained I don’t think I’d be able to afford any other supps.


it’s a really great supplement which i highly recommomend you try dude, i play football and we have practices everyday + i go to the gym, it helps me get my ass up in the morning :slight_smile:


I’ve been using Xtend by Scivation for years now.

You don’t have to dose so much in order to see the benefit it has to offer. About 3 scoops is usually enough. As long as you’re hitting about 20g’s.

I know the owner of the company as well as the guy who formulated it, and some recommendations to save money i’ve heard is to simply take 1 scoop pre-workout and 2 post. Which works fine for me and I still see the same benefit. Then I take 3 more scoops spread out throughout the day inbetween meals. Making sure one is in the morning as I wake up and one before I goto bed.

Great product, I haven’t been sore in years. No word of a lie.