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Anyone Here Tried Bovine Colostrum?


Apparently it increases lean muscle mass. Your muscles will become more defined, stronger, younger. You will have greater aerobic capacity, more endurance, and faster recovery. Meanwhile your overall health will improve. It looks quite promising, although most studies i've seen suggest using insane amounts like 40-100g! Anyone tried this stuff with positive results?

""Colostrum contains the following growth factors: epithelial, insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1, commonly known as HGH, or "human" growth hormone), transforming growth factors A and B, fibroblast growth factor, prolactin, gonadotropin releasing hormone, and associated peptide and growth hormone. The growth factors stimulate growth and regeneration of muscle, cartilage, nerves, and bone; accelerate the breakdown of fat, and balance blood sugars. IGF-1 assists cells toward cell division and DNA synthesis. IGF-1 not only helps cell growth by division, but also enhances cell specialization. IGF-1 communicates anabolic signals to cells, regulating cell division and differentiation as the muscle acquires an increased need for strength or as injury to the muscle is incurred. IGF-1 promotes the growth of muscle and bone. IGF-1 is believed to bring aging, resting cells back into a balanced state optimizing cell activity and tissue performance. For years athletes have been interested in colostrum because of the Insulin-like Growth Factor I and II (IGF-I and IGF-II) it contains. These are pro-insulin hormones that have anabolic (muscle promoting) effects." (Beth Ley, PhD, Colostrum: Nature's Gift to the Immune System)"