Anyone Here Read Tony Robbins Books?

Bought Unlimited Power a month back. And have to admit its interesting. I’ve tried some of the tricks in the book and seem to work pretty well. I’m sure Ill get a lot of crap for posting. But I’m sure there’s some out there that found him useful.

He’s a great motivator

I am thinking about buying it,
what are some the things you are talking about

The books kinda gets you to rethink how you’ve handled situations in the past. Gives you the tools to go for what you want in order to acheieve your desired goals. Hard to explain… Its also on CD I think? I’d recommend it. If you have something you want to overcome or achieve I would recommend this book. I use many of the exercises in situations and immediately notice results!!!

Awesome book. Good luck making the changes you feel you need in your life.

I assume you’ve read it? what r some of the key points and exercises out of the book you use? what’s ur great tool out of the book to use?

and this may be a little anal. but I’m so into the book and serious about learning from it. I actually highlight the important stuff. and after I’m finished will actually print all the highlighted info I can use.

i think i read some of awaken the giant within ? is that the title
i got from it 2 things

success leaves clues

and we are driven by pleasure and pain

example, a pretty girl at bar, the pain of her turning you down, the embarrassment of being shot down outweights the pleasure if she actually likes you.

so 90% of men never walk up to her

we fear pain more than desire pleasure

tony robbins is a freak!!! i saw him in person… he has the biggest hands you’ll ever see… he looks like he could rip apart with one hand.

Tony Robbins is modern Rasputin.

I read somewhere he has a benign tumor on his pituitary gland that causes him to have acromegaly. I just used some techniques I’ve learned in unlimited power to overcome a challenge in my life. did this about 1.5 hrs ago literally, spontaneousley and worked like a charm. I can honestly say without the tool and motiviation for success I would not of even attempted this feat. but I did and worked. very pumped!

Robbins uses NLP, neuro linguistic programming . He didn’t invent, but he sure popularized it. I don’t think he’s every talked about that angle though.