Anyone Here on TRT in Australia?

Assuming most of you would be on testosterone undecanoate though do anyone of you get prescribed test e or test c? Would love to know the doctor.


I get test E, though you need to have proper, organic hypogonadism and be referred to a specialist if you want test E.

Even then it’s typically a shot every 2-3 weeks. You can go private and it’s far easier, though far costlier too

I go public and have gotten 100-150mg/wk, though I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing the name of my practitioner for obvious reasons. Firstly I don’t want my name connected to this forum, nor do I want my doc knowing I’m referring patients to him/her.

You can also get sustanon, compounded testosterone cream and pellets (generally not recommended, from what I’ve heard they can be quite a hassle and involve a semi invasive procedure being conducted every 3 months or so).

You should see the protocol people with PAIS have to go through… It’s like 1000mg test U every 2 weeks… That’s a loooot of oil and a costly treatment no matter how you put it… Poor guys.

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How many GPs did it take for you to find one to prescribe test e? Did you have to ask them for test e or did this GP recommend it first? I’m going to try to find Dr Z who apparently is the main doctor for trt here in Australia and hope that I get lucky to meet him. Would also like to know the cost for your current trt with test e.